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Children Clubs in Cyprus


The Safari Stars

Our children’s activities would not be the same without our lovable Kanika characters: Gigi the Giraffe, Bella the Ballerina, Lucas the Lion, Zorba the Zebra and Murry the Monster, each with its own gentle personality and fun spirit. 

These mascots are the heart of The Little Monsters kids club, interacting with the children and putting big smiles on their faces. Look out for them and you’ll notice them taking the children on various little journeys and adventures across the resort. You’ll see the little ones having ballet lessons with Bella, story time with Gigi, hunting for Captain Blood with Lucas, and break dancing with Zorba. 


Gigi the Giraffe

Gigi is our gentle giant who loves going for long walks along the beach, being pampered and cooking up some tasty treats for her friends.
“I love seeing all the boys & girls having fun on their holidays & with my long neck I can see a smile from faraway!”
Gigi likes using her long neck to get the crunchiest of leaves from the trees and use them to cook up some yummy snacks! Her favourite colour is yellow, just like the sunshine.
Come and meet Gigi at the Kids Disco.


Bella the Ballerina

Bella the elephant is our beautiful ballerina who loves dancing, singing and taking care of the world around her.
“I may come across as shy & quiet but really I’m not, I love dancing for all to see. Why not come and join me and we can learn some new moves together”
Bella loves the colour pink and if there are peanuts lying around you’d better watch out as they are her favourite food! Bella also loves drawing and making sure all of her friends are happy!
Why not show Bella you favourite dance moves at the Kids Disco?


Lucas the Lion

Introducing the great king of the Kanika Jungle Lucas the lion! Lucas the lion is the coolest lion in town who loves seeking adventures and making new friends.
“It’s my job to make sure the rest of the gang behaves themselves and if there’s adventure I’m sure to find it!”
Lucas loves playing games, helping out his friends and keeping it cool!
You can come and meet Lucas at the Kids Disco.


Zorba the Zebra

Zorba the Zebra is our cheeky chappy who never stops moving whether he’s dancing to his favourite tunes or showing off those new moves that’s he’s leant. Coming all the way from Paphos zoo Zorba has got a passion for performing and always wants to be in the spotlight.
“I just love having fun with my friends some may say I’m a practical joker but I’ll let you decide for yourselves!”
Zorba loves giving out high 5’s but beware of his ‘high 5 scuba dive’ trick he likes to pull!
Come along and bring those high 5’s with you at the Kids Disco.


Murry the Monster

So who’s the boss at the Little Monsters kids club? Murry the Monster, of course! He’s in charge, and takes his job very seriously, making sure the club is neat and tidy and everyone is safe. After all, leaders have responsibilities.
“I’m only happy if everyone else around me is happy too!”
So if you like the Little Monsters kids club, make sure to tell Murry, and he’ll give you a monster smile! In case you didn’t notice, Murry’s favourite colour is green, he loves the challenge and excitement of Olympic games, and is so proud of all the Little Monsters’ creations.
Meet Murry at the Kids Disco and he’ll introduce you to every member of his team.



Children Clubs in Cyprus
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