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Guest Tales: The Exclusive Stories of our Valued Guests

Travel Tips - January 16, 2020

At Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we love nothing more than welcoming guests – both repeat guests and new faces – from around the world, and offering them a holiday experience that they will remember for a lifetime. Dedicated to fulfilling and surpassing the needs of our customers, we would like to take this special opportunity to thank all of you for placing your faith and trust in us! We are particularly honored by the wonderful feedback that we receive from our dedicated guests, given to us throughout the duration of their stay and following their return home. Here is a sample of touching comments we would love to share with you.


  1. Amavi

When the luxurious five-star Amavi first opened its doors earlier this year to offer holiday perfection for couples, no one could have anticipated the rave feedback received in such a short time. But what has really left an impression on us, are the comments by some of our globetrotting guests who describe the Amavi couples-only retreat as one of the best hotels in Cyprus, and even, the whole world.

amavi entrance

“This has to be one of the best hotels I have stayed in, no question,” says Pete. “Having just stayed at the Amavi hotel for my husband’s birthday I can honestly say it’s in my top 10 in the world and certainly the top 3 in Cyprus,” says Joy. “Best hotel I have stayed in,” says Debbie. “1st holiday I have not wanted to leave.”


  1. Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa

The Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa is ideally located on the glistening east coast of the island, blessed with turquoise seas and powdery white sands. Seamlessly blending with the idyllic Mediterranean surrounds, we have done our utmost to carve out a private all-inclusive haven for our guests characterized by lush gardens, towering palms and dreamy swimming pools.


“Paradise Found!” says Jones. “Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa is my Paradise. It is a land of luxury and fulfillment and by far the best holiday experience.” Always placing emphasis on relaxation and first-class customer service in a family-friendly environment, guests return back to their homeland, enamored by the treatment they received. “From the moment we arrived we were treated like Royalty,” exclaims Young.


  1. Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos

On the far west of the island, Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos  – the sister hotel of the Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa – offers a similar outstanding paradisiacal all-inclusive holiday experience by Paphos’ notorious golden shores and just a stone’s throw away from the pretty harbor and historic castle. And as with all our hotels, the emphasis is not just on the magical setting and luxurious amenities, but also on the exceptional personalised customer service.



“We came back to the Olympic Lagoon because we are really well looked after by all the staff,” says Cawston. “Having stayed twice at the Olympic Lagoon Resort we have found that the customer service and staff are at the highest standard,” says Jackson. Other guests let on that they simply feel so comfortable and happy; it is as if they are returning “home!”

  1. Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Another Paphos gem, Alexander the Great Beach Hotel is a luxurious retreat directly overlooking an idyllic ‘Blue Flag’ beach that keeps on drawing guests back to enjoy the holiday experience in its landscaped grounds.


“We have visited Alexander the Great Beach Hotel some 15 times over the last ten years. We keep on coming back, because here we can relax fully. The location is excellent, the view superb, the staff is warm and friendly,” enthuses Le Var. And for many guests, it remains their favourite hotel in the area for the most blissful holidays. “Alexander the Great is our first choice of all the hotels we have used in the Paphos area over many years and visits to Cyprus.”


  1. Elias Beach Hotel

It may be just a short drive from the happening cosmopolitan town of Limassol, but the Elias Beach Hotel boasts its own unique identity, with an emphasis on tranquility in stylish surrounds, right by a Blue Flag sandy beach.  And once again, repeat guests who return year after year feel right at home once they step through our doors.


“When we discovered Elias Beach, we realized that we had found an ideal place for a relaxing break. Every time our visit comes to an end, we are thinking about when we might next come back, because we really like Elias Beach: it feels like home, ” says Bird. Always striving to exceed guest expectations, each one of our hotels aims to outstand guests with delectable gastronomy and inspiring entertainment, something which guests at Elias Beach Hotel are keen to thank us for. “Nothing is too much trouble. The food is amazing, also great entertainment. I just love this hotel and I have been to many places but this is the best place I have been to, hence why we are returning for our 3rd year,” says Davis.



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Getting Sporty: Your Guide to Heart Pumping Winter Adventures in Cyprus!

Kanika Hotels and Resorts, Travel Tips - December 17, 2019

More into lunges than loungers? Born with an incurable case of itchy feet that are always on the move? Got more trainers and hiking boots that you can possibly cram into your cupboards? Then a sunshine-filled, action-packed, alternative winter holiday in Cyprus may be just the thing you need to get your heart racing and adrenaline levels soaring!

Kickstart the day with a deep dip into the sea under clear skies, and end it with backflips on the snowcapped mountain peaks! After all, Cyprus is the country where you can wake up in warm summery surrounds by the coast before living it up in an icy winter wonderland high on mountain peaks come afternoon. And we here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts offer you the ideal base from which to begin your fun-fueled crazy adventures!


  1. Hotel fun first!

Rise and shine where the fun begins! With all of our hotels boasting glistening swimming pools and easy access to the deep blue of the Mediterranean, avid swimmers won’t need to search far for splashing excitement. Even in the thick of winter, the brave at heart can master the perfect backstroke outdoors. Prefer a warmer environment? Head inside for a swim in one of our heated indoor pools. More keen on an adrenaline-fueled workout? Our hotel gyms offer all sort of equipment and machinery for you to pump those muscles, while scheduled classes like Aqua Aerobics, yoga, Pilates and more will also keep you in tip-top shape! Still can’t sit still? It may be time to try your hand at tennis on one of our courts!




  1. Tantalizing tees

Renowned as a true golfer’s paradise, first-class establishments on Cyprus’ stunning west coast offer year-round challenges under clear paradisiacal skies. Set up base in one of our Paphos hotels (including the Amavi, Alexander the Great Beach Hotel or Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos), and you can perfect your swing at one of four 19-hole golf resorts in the area – Aphrodite Hills Golf Club, Elea Golf Estate, Minthis or Secret Valley Golf Resort. Set against the breathtaking natural world of Paphos, every golfing enthusiast is in for a fine game on the range. Special golfing packages are available for our golf-loving guests – find out more at




  1. Icy escapades

After mid-December, the island’s rugged mountain peaks are covered in glistening white, as sporty types gravitate to the area to perfect their ridin’ and cruisin’. Whether you want to take it easy on the Sun Valley 1 and 2 slopes, or fancy a bit more of a thrill on North Face 1 and 2, there’s endless fun to be had and adventurous types will be in for real snowboarding and skiing treat. Based on Mount Olympus, and featuring four ski lifts and eight ski runs, the Cyprus Ski Club welcomes skiers of all levels for equipment rental or professional ski lessons for both adults and kids. Keep in mind that January 19th 2020 is World Snow Day, and there are always exciting celebrations taking place at the Troodos Ski Resort for kids and adults alike.

Prefer a more leisurely hike? Put your best foot forward and enjoy winter hikes through Troodos forests or take a spin on a mountain bike through Troodos villages with fresh clean air to breathe in and picturesque views all round. Countless routes have been marked out around the countryside, whether you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, or are happy with a more genteel pace.


skiing cyprus


  1. Deep-sea adventures

There’s nothing more fascinating than discovering what lies at the bottom of the sea, and Cyprus is an all-year round diver’s haven, with countless spots around the island to leave you wide-eyed under the mask! If you’re holidaying at the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol, you can enjoy one of the most popular dive sites in the area – the Lady Thetis wreck. To be found at a depth of 18m, the German construction was sunk in Cyprus waters in 2014, giving divers the chance to enjoy easy swim throughs and penetrations for the more adventurous. Those holidaying at the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Agia Napa can enjoy blissful dives at the Cape Greco caves, while all of our Paphos hotels are within easy reach of the Amphora Caves filled with ancient ceramics. The splendors of Akamas dives and the popular Devil’s Head are also within easy reach.



  1. Catching the wind

How about combining a day out at sea with a different kind of fun-filled sporty adventure? Strong southwesterly winds make Cyprus an ideal kitesurfing and windsurfing destination, and there are many places to grab onto a board in open waters. Limassol, and the coastline that stretches towards Paphos, is an ideal base for wilder moments, and there are plenty of beaches with trained instructors on hand near our hotels. Limassol Surf House next to the Limassol Nautical Club is a great place to start, while those in the know also rave about Kitesurfing Cyprus. The weather in Cyprus also makes it an ideal opportunity for adrenaline junkies to enjoy the ultimate extreme experience of skydiving and free fall, parachuting and bungee jumping, available in Xylotymbou, Dhekeleia and Agia Napa; just a short distance from Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa.



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Kanika Hotels and Resorts, Travel Tips - November 28, 2019

When the sun hides behind the clouds and days end at 4pm, its’ more than natural that those horrid winter blues begin to kick in. And when you’re at home feeling snug under a blanket on the couch, there’s nothing more tempting than reaching for your tablet or laptop and looking at idyllic photos of dreamy beaches and sun-dappled landscapes in warmer climes.  And while it might all seem like a world away right now, booking your dream summer holiday in advance might be just the pick-me-up you need! We here at Kanika Hotels and Resorts have heard countless guests let on how much they enjoyed the anticipation of their summer holiday in Cyprus so let us inspire you with our three-step guide!


  1. Take advantage of early booking discounts & cheaper flights

We all know that the longer we take to book our holiday, the more expensive that flights usually become. And it’s a shame to waste valuable money that could have been spent during your vacations. But more than just cheaper flights, you can also make the most of early booking discounts while snapping up a special hotel deal. Here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we have made things easy for you with numerous special offers on our website, offering a 10% discount for summer 2020 bookings! Do hurry as the offers for most of the hotels end on January 31st 2020, including Alexander the Great Beach Hotel and Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa and Paphos. Special deals for the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol end on February 29th2020.


save money


  1. Build anticipation

So you’ve set the date and booked the tickets. And now, all the exciting anticipation can begin.  First things first, you can take a good look at all your hotel amenities online to get a good idea of what to expect. Feel like you need to focus on your wellbeing? Take a look at the dreamy treatments on offer at the Serenity Health Club & Spa in all of our hotels and take note of the ones you would most like to try. Those opting to stay at the couples-only Amavi are in for a treat at the Evera Spa & Wellness. Love good food?  Browse through the tantalizing dining options on offer to excite your taste buds. Want to just spend time lazing by the pool? Flick through photos of your lush hotel grounds and think about where you would love to sunbathe to cheer you up!


Fishermans Wing


More of a beach explorer? Take a look at the picture-perfect Cyprus beaches near your hotel that you can flop on. And what about your summer holiday wardrobe? Time to make a list of all the wonderful summer gear that you’ll need while basking in the Mediterranean sunshine!



  1. Make a Cyprus bucket list

Not many travelers realize just how diverse Cyprus is. And summer holidays don’t need to start and end by the beach. After all, there are towering mountain peaks to discover, jaw-dropping vistas to take in, and fabulous stone-built villages where Cyprus traditions really come to life. All you need to do, is browse online to find the places that most appeal to you, as you fine-tune that summer holiday bucket list! There are some great website to help you along the way, including and  Happy browsing!


mountain fun

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Enjoying the Ultimate New Year Detox Holiday in Cyprus

Travel Tips - November 21, 2019

The very moment that the New Year sets in, we all seem to have some sort of load alarm bells go off inside us. All of a sudden, it’s time to put an end to unhealthy habits, lose weight, become more mindful, exercise more and detox from all the naughty but nice treats that we have so enjoyed over the festive season! And there’s no denying that sticking to our ‘healthy life’ resolutions is not quite a walk in the park. But luckily, we at here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts on Cyprus’s stunning west coast, make things a little bit easier for you, offering far more than just a winter sunshine holiday to kickstart 2020. How so? Let us enlighten you…


  1. Vitamin Sea

Nothing beats leaving dull and gloomy weather behind for a bright holiday by the sea. But it doesn’t have to be hot summer swimming weather in order to reap the amazing health benefits of the deep blue. Countless guests who visit us in the winter often laze by the water’s edge under the winter sun and let on that they feel exceptionally revived and rejuvenated, but they often don’t know that there are scientific reasons behind this.

vitamin sea

Sea air is actually so very healthy because it’s enriched with salt, magnesium and iodine, all captured within tiny water droplets which get dispersed by the wind. And the good news is, that the winter offers even more health benefits than the summer, especially for anyone suffering from asthma or any other respiratory conditions or allergies, as the moisture in the air works wonders to improve the negative consequences of dry indoor air from central heating!


  1. Healthy, wholesome food

After this incredible breath of fresh air, the hunger pangs inevitably kick in. And no winter wellness holiday in Cyprus would be complete without just the right nutritious ingredients! With breakfast being one of the most important meals of the day, especially when you’re attempting to rid the body of nasty toxins, all our hotels offer healthy juices as part of the breakfast buffet, with a variety of fruits, cereals and Greek yoghurt on offer that you can top with healthy nuts and seeds. Superfoods like turmeric powder, goji berries, cinnamon powder and dry aloe vera are also a big hit with the health-conscious at breakfast time. Detox smoothies by the pool are an especially big hit at our Olympic Lagoon Resorts in Paphos and Agia Napa.

healthy breakfast

Come lunchtime, you can top on pulses, healthy vegetables and fresh salads at most of our hotel buffets, while there are plenty of healthy vegan and vegetarian options to satiate your taste buds at all our restaurants come evening, even as part of our a la carte menus. And if you have a special dietary requirement, your needs will happily be catered for.

Those looking for the ultimate detox winter holiday experience with their other half, can enjoy extra special healthy treats with an Asian flair by Michelin starred chef Theodor Falser at the luxurious Amavi couples-only hotel. Favourites include the mixed greens superfood salad and crispy pan-seared salmon fillet. Fans of a healthy cup of tea, love the selection at the Elias Beach Hotel, especially fond of the calming chamomile and antioxidant green tea. And at the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel, it’s the Vitality Corner that steals the show on the a la carte menus, including healthy food and beverages made from fresh and natural ingredients.


green tea


  1. Wellness indulgences

While all our hotels offer the opportunity to luxuriate by sparkling outdoor swimming pools, guests arriving for a healthy winter holiday love to head straight to the hotel spas to enjoy a whole range of wellness treatments. The Serenity Health Club & Spa operates in all Kanika Hotels & Resorts (with the exception of the Amavi), offering guests heavenly holistic treatments to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, including luxurious massages, body wraps and brightening facial treatments. The Toning Tea Massage is ideal while you are detoxing, while the Vitamin C Face & Body Ritual will leave you glowing from head to toe. And for a purely indulgent treat, go for the 100% coconut oil massage, to leave you with glowing, hydrated and strong skin!


At the Amavi, the Evera Spa is a delightful treat for the senses, with intimate side-by-side treatments available for couples. Here, the Lymphatic Drainage Massage aids detoxification, stimulating lymph flow, and encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph system. Hot stone massage reduces anxiety, while the Evera Spa Signature massage uses aromatic oils to address individual needs and help you achieve enhanced body and mind wellness.


  1. Fabulous fitness

Want to head back home looking your absolute best? All Kanika Hotels & Resorts boast fitness centres, including state of the art cardio and weight equipment. And no matter what hotel you’re based at, there are always plenty of fitness activities to keep you on your toes, including yoga, dancing, aqua aerobics and more!


Once you release excess toxins with your favourite form of exercise, the sauna and steam room await, helping to further aid overall body detoxification and soothe nerve endings, while easing away any tension and joint pain, and relaxing your muscles.

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Christmas Magic in Cyprus: Making your Holiday Dreams come True!

Travel Tips - November 11, 2019

Andy Williams once sang that it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”, and when you are holidaying in Cyprus, Christmas time really does take on a whole new magical appeal, blessed with endless sunshine and plenty of warm winter days offset by beautifully clear skies.

At Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we go all out to ensure that the occasion by palm-fringed shores is an extra special one; each of our beachfront hotels are decorated in sparkling style, and a variety of festive events ensure that every moment is filled with cheer and celebration! And it’s little surprise that the west coast of Cyprus is particularly popular over the winter holiday season, blessed with the mildest climate on the island, while snow-capped mountains are just a short drive away. Here’s the lowdown on why Paphos deserves a place on your Xmas holiday bucket list.


  1. Festive celebrations galore

The great thing about taking a holiday over the Christmas period, is that you don’t need to think about lifting a finger, avoiding the usual mad rush to the supermarket and shops! And we here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts go the extra mile, ensuring that your seaside stay and Christmas in Cyprus is made all the more memorable, with special Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve events and special packages.

festive celebrations

With sumptuous buffet breakfasts, festive evening meals and extravagant galas in the mix, the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel and Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos are ideal for the whole family!  Guests can also enjoy arts and crafts, including Christmas card making and candle creation, as well as all sorts of other fun activities including quizzes, festive music performances, pastry demonstrations, sports events (from killer darts to archery), afternoon teas and much more.

You don’t even have to worry about keeping the little ones entertained – special kid’s clubs and fun activities are all part of the holiday experience, while they will also have the chance to meet santa. Yearning for some time out alone with your partner? The idyllic couples-only five star Amavi is the perfect romantic spot if you’re in desperate need of intimate holidays for two steeped in sheer luxury!

See our special Xmas packages here


  1. Serene seaside sparkle

Taking your Christmas photos by glistening Mediterranean seas at Kanika Hotels is bound to be a unique experience that you’ll want to share across your Facebook or Instagram pages, but don’t worry about a lack of Christmas spirit just because you’re by Mediterranean waters. Cyprus, much like the rest of Europe, gets all decked up over the holiday season, with the twinkle of glistening lights brightening up every street corner. Roasted chestnuts are also intrinsically linked with Cyprus Christmas’, while mulled wine has become another festive favourite. Kids are also in for a treat, with plenty of street vendors handing out fluffy pink candy floss, while the Paphos harbour and old town provide a magical setting for Christmas carols, festive markets and all sorts of fun events and activities for the kids.




  1. Wild winter wonders

Once you’ve enjoyed your fill of seaside festivities during Christmas in Paphos, it will take you less than an hour to arrive at the glistening snow-capped peaks of the Troodos Mountains. Here, the Cyprus Christmas fun is entirely different to the warmer seaside experience. The air is crisp and cold, thick powdery snow blankets every inch of the mountain tops, and avid skiers and snowboarders enjoy carefree days of action-packed winter bliss.  Join the fun and take it easy on Sun Valley 1 and 2 slopes, or enjoy the thrill of North Face 1 and 2 if you’re a more experienced with winter sports. And when all is said and done, stone-built traditional coffee shops await, where a cup of your favourite steaming hot drink will warm the spirits.





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A Bar Above the Rest: ‘Selene’ Magic at Amavi

When the Amavi, the first of a line of hotels under the Made for Two Hotels brand by Kanika Hotels & Resorts, first opened its doors by the stunning Paphos shores earlier this year, we envisioned that it would become one of the most talked-about couples-only hotels in the Mediterranean; an idyll of luxury for discerning love birds looking for a dreamy holiday by picture-perfect palm-fringed shores.

Fast forward to the present day, and it’s not just the name ‘Amavi’ that has captured the attention of both locals and international travellers, but also, the inspirational and exceptionally romantic Selene Cocktail Bar, aptly named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon.


As night falls and a blanket of stars envelops the Selene Cocktail Bar, the atmosphere transports you into a world far from the everyday, while the mercurial Selene traps you in an everlasting moment of bliss as you slip into a perfect state of togetherness. The unique romantic ambience and interior is accentuated by an inspirational backdrop; walls are adorned with fine contemporary modern artwork by the famous fine artist Savvas Georgiades.


Once you kick back with your loved one in the plush seating, simply select your drink of choice with the menu inspired by classic favourites and a real modern mixology twist, custom made by the renowned Cypriot mixologist, Costas Nicolaides, Managing Director of Alchemy Bartending School and Shaker Moving Bar.


Cocktails for two are a special treat, especially designed for loved up couples. ‘The Sixth Sense’ has been created to indulge all five senses, delivering the sights, sounds, tastes, textures and aromas of heaven. Feel your twin flames burn bright while sipping on this Vodka infused with pear, shaken with fresh apple, fresh passion, aromatic Tonka blossom, almond syrup and fresh grapefruit. ‘Blood Moon’ is another Made for Two cocktail favourite, promising to eclipse the senses and create perfect harmony with a blend of rums infused with roasted sesame, mixed with blood orange liqueur, almond, orange and pineapple juice.

Care for a rum-based cocktail served in a foaming seashell? Indulge in the ‘Bath of Aphrodite’ in honour of this gorgeous deity, worshipped as the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Or how about saying cheers in the company of a ‘Love Bird’? Our guests adore this signature cocktail served in a bird glass and made with Monkey 47 Gin, homemade aromatized honey, pink grapefruit and homemade pineapple puree.



All cocktails are made with premium local ingredients, and if, per chance, you fancy sipping on wine or another spirit, there is plenty to choose from on the menu. The Selene Bites will also go down a treat, whether you opt for the togarashi calamari with lime and wasabi mayonnaise or tantalize your taste buds with Umami style chicken skewers with Teriyaki sauce. And once your taste buds have been satiated in every way possible, the Selene Bar promises to add to the sensory journey, with chill-out romantic music to elevate the spirit, and a variety of events and musical entertainment planned in the near future to enrich the truly immersive experience!


Selene Bar is situated within the Amavi in Paphos and is open to all guests and visitors daily from 6pm – 1am.

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The Perfect Beach Wedding

Travel Tips - September 30, 2019

Romantic wedding ceremony on the beach

Close your eyes and imagine a palette of crimson hues lighting up the endless horizon over Mediterranean seas. Then picture the love of your life promising an eternal union, as the fiery hues of the sunset make way for the magical sparkle of stars lighting up the clear summer night sky.

Barefoot wedding magic by glistening Mediterranean seas just became a reality at a brand-new dreamy beach wedding venue at the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol Cyprus! Part of Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we are proud of our outstanding reputation for hosting dream weddings, with top tier services and dedicated professional wedding coordinators ensuring the best possible celebration with the gentle sea breeze lifting the spirits by the sandy shores. But is a beach wedding your kind of affair? We let you in on some of the little things that make an intimate wedding by the sea so very special!

Elias_Beach Wedding Ceremony3(retouched)


  1. A totally laid-back occasion

Forget all about the stress of finding just the right heels and matching accessories – a beach wedding can be as casual or dressy as you want it to be. And the groom doesn’t have to worry about bow ties either! If you’re the kind of couple that prefers understated glamour, or you just love the idea of a cool boho-chic affair, then a beach wedding is right for you! Ditch heels for sandals, or just ditch the shoes altogether, and indulge in some barefoot magic as you dig your toes into the sand.


casual beach wedding


  1. Naturally dreamy ambiance

Weddings heavily depend on creating just the right ambiance, but when you have the azure Cyprus seas as your backdrop, you don’t need much else to create a dreamy atmosphere. Add a few flowers and the twinkle of candles into the mix, and you’ll create a heavenly atmosphere with minimum effort. Our dedicated wedding coordinators are always on hand to ensure that every detail in your bespoke celebration is perfectly thought out, and that your every need will be catered to.

Just married


  1. A wedding and honeymoon in one

After a stressful wedding, you always yearn to jet off on a carefree honeymoon. But when you tie the knot in a Mediterranean paradise, you can just add on another week in the sunshine and voila: your wedding becomes an extended holiday! You’ll be lazing by the water’s edge, making the most of the hotel entertainment, wining and dining under a canopy of stars come evening, and even, setting out to explore the beauty of an island shrouded in romantic myths and legends. And when all is said and done? You can cosy up in a dreamy honeymoon suite as you celebrate your love in affordable luxury.

wedding honeymoon


  1. Cost-cutting

You may be inclined to believe that saying ‘I do’ abroad will add to the wedding expenses, but in fact, you’ll be cutting costs in no time when you’re celebrating on the beach. The dress will be less fancy, the décor more minimal, and you’ll be eating the kind of food  (fine local Mediterranean fare) that would cost a fortune to enjoy back home! And because you won’t be jetting away anywhere else on your honeymoon, you won’t need to factor in any new or unforeseen expenses!

wedding costs


  1. Sunshine holidays for your guests

Weddings aren’t just a celebration of love between you and your other half; they are also a chance to celebrate and share your love with all the important people in your life. And they’ll no doubt all be thrilled with the idea of a beach holiday in Cyprus, with different guest accommodation options to suit their needs and heaps of fun things to do in the sunshine. After all, Cyprus is a year-round holiday heaven!

wedding guests


Live the ultimate beach wedding heaven by contacting Lydia Melinioti, Head of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, and booking your special day with us!  D: +357 25 274601 | E: | W:

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Community First: Taking Pride in Giving Back to Society

Travel Tips - September 17, 2019

At Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we are passionate about paying attention to detail. And these details don’t just translate to exceptional customer service and a dedication to an excellent holiday experience for our guests. As leaders in the hospitality industry, we leave no stone unturned, well-aware that any business should make the conscious effort to give back to the society and community in which it operates.

To this aid, our WorldWise CSR programme takes on a holistic approach to caring for our own people, the wider society at large, and the natural environment. Let us guide you through some of the cornerstones of our grassroots approach to giving back to society.


1. Kanika SPIRIT

At every step of the way, we are guided by the Kanika SPIRIT –  an acronym for Service, Professionalism, Innovation, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork –  a comprehensive recognition and rewards system which acknowledges individual efforts and achievements, investing in an inspiring work environment. Ongoing staff development is also paramount, epitomised through regular internal training and external courses, while annual internal surveys help the management identify areas of improvement, to create the best possible work conditions.


What’s more, employees are encouraged to reach the highest heights, supporting them in personal endeavours and initiatives to improve the world we live in. This is epitomised by the support given to one of our staff members, Vasilia Vasiliou, when she set off on a volunteer mission to Nepal to help in the aftermath of the Gorkha earthquake as a member of ‘wheeling2help’.


2. Guests first

At the forefront of each and every one of our hotels and resorts, is a dedicated team of hospitality professionals, wholeheartedly committed to serving guests and caring for their needs. This is exemplified by the awarded Alexander the Great Beach Hotel and Olympic Lagoon Resort in Paphos and Agia Napa, voted amongst the ‘Top 25 Hotels for Service in Cyprusin 2018 by Trip Advisor. Year after year, we are also exceptionally grateful for all the touching letters and emails we receive from all of you that praise our level of service and commitment to guest satisfaction!


guest services


 3. A passion for charity

Providing help to those in need is of paramount importance to all of us at Kanika Hotels & Resorts, and as such, we set up the Ithaki Charity Association, founded in 2011 on the occasion of the European Year of Volunteering. The non-profit organisation offers both patients and their family’s information, relief and support at every stage of dementia. Professional care and facilities, integration of patients, and psychosocial support of their families are just some of the association’s specific goals, also offering high-quality home treatment.


Dementia care


A special Day Care Centre, opened with the generous support of the Germasogeia Municipality, specialises in health care professionals offering patients cognitive stimulation, while providing caregivers with the necessary psychological support. Charity events throughout the year back the work of Ithaki, while also supporting other local charity organizations through donations and accommodation where needed.


4. Caring for the environment

In this day and age, we are all increasingly aware that caring for the environment and the planet as a whole is of paramount importance. As such, our hotels and resorts have demonstrated equal commitment to sustainable tourism and have implemented all the requirements of the Travel Life Gold Certification 2017 – 2019, as well as receiving the AKTI Project and Research Centre Sustainability Award for tackling marine pollution. What’s more, the brand new Amavi Made for Two Hotel, that recently opened on Paphos’ pristine golden shores, has set its sights on becoming the first hotel in Cyprus to receive the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification.


Well-aware that the day-to-day activities of any business impacts the environment, we are wholeheartedly committed to operating our hotels responsibly, while reducing the impact of our operations throughout all our hotels and resorts. From water and energy saving, to efficient waste management, our core ethos places attention on community and sustainability, also working closely with local producers to obtain prime produce for guests to enjoy, all sourced from the local community.

Find out more about Kanika Hotels & Resorts CSR here

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Feeling Great: Honouring Those who Changed History

Travel Tips - September 9, 2019

What makes a truly great dining experience? At the dreamy Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa, we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it, with a concept restaurant that combines delicious food while celebrating the courage and genius of extraordinary individuals. Far more than just another eatery or dining room, guests can satiate their taste buds with a culinary journey that celebrates human kindness, praising individuals whose unselfish lives and exceptional achievements stand as remarkable examples of human greatness. All this, with sumptuous wholesome comfort food to delight the palate with every bite. Curious? Let us give you the delicious lowdown!


  1. We inspire our guests to embrace life & honour remarkable people

The Greats is all about celebrating remarkable individuals whose great achievements prove that everything is possible. The kind of people our planet needs now more than ever, we pay tribute to individuals whose kindness inspires us to do better, and whose courage reminds us that there are no limits. Making the dining experience a meaningful one, The Greats celebrates the courage and genius of individuals who defied adversity and often changed the course of history. From Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Mohandas Gandhi, Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda, to Orville and Wilbur Wright, Ray Charles and Sir Nicholas Winton, you’ll be dining alongside some of the most inspiring people of all time.




  1. We serve your all-time favourite dishes

Now is your chance to tuck into the most celebrated international recipes, from old-time classics, such as shrimp cocktail and Southern Classic fried chicken, to steamed mussels and lemon butter salmon. Red meat lovers can devour The Greats ultimate stack burger, tuck into a glorious braised lamb shank or indulge in fresh tagliatelle bolognese. That’s not to forget Grandma’s Greats Combo meals, created for four or more persons to share; awesome homemade food filled with goodness.

fried chicken

Each menu includes appetizers, main dishes and desserts to enjoy with friends and family; expect freshly prepared, delicious home cooking presented in platters that are easy to pass around the table – the kind of meal that will satisfy and delight everyone.


  1. We offer an uplifting experience in an inspiring environment

Every little detail at The Greats has been carefully thought out. And as soon as you enter the venue, you’ll be immediately transported into a colourful, vibrant and uplifting world with an alternative rock-themed twist. Inspiring quotes will encourage you to think about all the powerful personalities that have tried to bring change into the world, encouraging us all to reach our best potential. Videos add to the immersive experience, specially created to leave you feeling elated and filled with happiness. Diners can expect rock, reggae and pop-rock inspirational music, as well as motivational and extreme sports clips.


What’s more, placemats have been especially designed to stimulate your mind, pictures of legendary ‘greats’ have been placed around the venue to inspire conversations, while comfy seating and a warm ambience ensures that you’ll be whisked away into a world of truly uplifting culinary heaven with every single bite.



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Getting to know the Limassol Wine Festival

Travel Tips - August 8, 2019

Cosmopolitan Limassol proudly wears the gold crown as Cyprus’ wine capital, and for good reason! The fertile rambling countryside which surrounds the city and rises up to the spectacular Troodos Mountains is every oenophile’s delight, with hills blanketed in vines that form the prettiest picture, punctuated with traditional stone-built villages and quality boutique wineries. And at the end of every August ever since 1961, locals gather in sheer delight to pay homage to the mighty grape with a frenzy of drinking and dancing as part of the annual Limassol Wine Festival.

Elias Beach Hotel 1

We here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts provide the perfect getaway for guests keen to combine a holiday with a visit to the festival, with the Elias Beach Hotel just a short drive away from the event grounds at the Limassol Municipal Gardens. The perfect oasis of calm right by the picture-perfect Mediterranean blue, the Elias Beach Hotel gives you the chance to luxuriate in relaxing surrounds while making the most of evening entertainment at the popular festival. Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can look forward to once the Wine Festival comes to life between August 30th and September 8th 2019.


  1. Enjoy a taste of local wines and gastronomic delights

Head to the event to taste some of the finest local wines from around Cyprus, on offer for free and in unlimited quantities once you have paid the small entrance fee at the door. Enjoy a swig of your favourite white, red or rosè or, even, indulge in a wine cocktail! The event also gives you the opportunity to taste traditional local produce – some made with sweet Commandaria wine, and others made from deliciously divine grape juice.


  1. Get better acquainted with the island’s history, myths and legends

Aiming to revive Dionysiac celebrations worshipping the ancient Greek god of wine, the festival gives you good opportunity to relive traditions of times past, when individuals from all walks of life sat together at common banquets, offered for free by the state, and tasted the new wines while participating in mass dances, songs, poetry and drama. With the upcoming wine festival celebrating centuries of winemaking history in Cyprus, take a good look at the statue of a Cypriot village winegrower at the event, kitted out in traditional local costume.

 Limassol wine festival extra extra


  1. Kick back for exciting entertainment

Every year, the festival includes musical performances, dance shows, and even, theatrical performances by a wide variety of talented local groups with comedy, humour and satire in the mix. The festival will also give you the chance to get to grips with age-old winemaking procedures as you enjoy a walk through the gardens. Looks like it’s almost time to say a mighty cheers!

wine extra

To book your stay at Elias Beach Hotel, call +357 25-636000 or click here.


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Kanika Hotel Find affordable hotels in Cyprus? With Kanika Hotels & Resorts you can choose to enjoy any of our four hotels in Limassol, Pafos or Agia Napa.