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Policy Statement

It is the policy of KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS to provide high quality services with an aim to satisfy the needs and expectations of our valued Guests.

The basis for the success of the Company’s quality is:
1. Our services, programmes and facilities are designed and operated to consistently provide the highest quality and food safety standards that will satisfy the needs and expectations of our Guests and Associates and related legislation.
2. We will endeavour to provide value for money to our Guests, by offering high quality for all of our products and services.
3. Our working practices and facilities will ensure our full compliance with any applicable legal requirements for health and safety, and take all reasonable and practicable steps to prevent accidents that might cause damage to human health, the environment, the plant and equipment of the company or any combination of the above.
4. We will recognize and fully comply with all environmental legislation governing the operation of the business ensuring that, our procedures and systems of operation have the minimum possible impact on the environment. The company believes and is committed to the protection of the environment as a better environment not only contributes to better working conditions but also provides quality value for its customers.
5. Through new ideas and innovation we will all try to improve our products and services with an immediate target of increasing our efficiency, the value offered to our guests and the profitability of our business.
6. We will provide our employees the training and the necessary resources, tools, working conditions and environment in order to enable the implementation of the Company’s goals for financial and quality service excellence.
7. Qualitative and quantitative targets will be set in order to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness and suitability of all management systems in operation.
8. Through our continuous efforts and planning we will ensure that all our facilities and equipment are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort and reliability for the benefit of our Guests and our business.
9. Ongoing training and development of our employees in topics referring to Quality, Food Safety, Environmental & Health and Safety management systems will take place. Employees are encouraged to participate in our improvement efforts.
10. The Management is responsible to define and verify its policy and commitment in recognising, evaluating and controlling the key aspects that affect the quality & food safety of the activities in progress.
11. We will develop, adopt, improve and supervise to the maximum level, systems of the highest standards which will ensure:
a. high quality services & customer satisfaction,
b. food safety activities and procedures to ensure excellent food hygiene in all our food service activities
c. environmental procedures that will minimize the environmental impact of our activities
d. health and safety policies and procedures that will provide for a healthy and safe working environment

All the above will be in full compliance with local legislation and international standards in force in the areas of operation and govern the scope of activities of the company.
12. All of our activities are in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements combined with our customers’ requirements in order to satisfy their needs with the safest and most efficient way.
13. We at the KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS work together as a family in order to complete and achieve our mission. Management expects that all employees should undertake their own commitments and make every reasonable practicable effort to fulfill their responsibilities and support Management to achieve this Policy. The same applies for every user, contractor or supplier of KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS.
14. The KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS adopt the present policy statement through which it aims to prevent having unsatisfied customers.
15. The management and the staff are to always conduct themselves in a professional manner as defined by the Company Manuals and Procedures, thereby ensuring that the requirements defined by our Guests, the International Quality System Standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, statutory and regulatory legislations are continuously achieved and maintained.

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