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Employee Policy in Cyprus

 Employee Statement Policy  

KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS is committed to ensuring that all our employees enjoy excellent working conditions at all times. In our  operations  we  recognise  that  targets  are  only  achievable  through  high-performing  personnel.  Hence,  we  consider  our employees as one of our greatest assets, and are aware of our ethical as well as legal responsibilities towards our staff. We believe that by treating our employees well and with the utmost respect, we will earn their loyalty, and they will in turn take the very best care of our guests and our properties. 
The primary goals related to our human resource management are therefore as follows: 

      •     Certification
In order to satisfy broader human resource management criteria, Travelife Gold award standards will be achieved by October 2013. 

        •     Recruitment  
KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS is an equal opportunity employer, giving all applicants for any available positions fair consideration. 
The company does not discriminate in any way and welcomes applications from all candidates regardless of their race, age, sex, nationality, disability or religion. 

       •     Contract 
Throughout the period of employment,  KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS will have a contract that meets the rules, regulations and legal legislations as stipulated by Cyprus law. 
      •     Induction and Training 
KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS ensures that all new employees participate in our   induction programme and are provided with on
the job training. This will cover areas such as company philosophy, our corporate culture, an understanding of the company’s vision  and  mission  statements,  full  product  knowledge  and  awareness,  details  regarding  employee  welfare  and  benefits, training  on  health  and  safety  in  the  line  of  duty,  and  responsibilities  to  themselves  and  others,  along  with  performance management. 
      •     Development and Promotion 
All employees of  KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS are encouraged to further develop their skills, and we will offer opportunities for promotion wherever possible. All employees will be evaluated and have individual progress objectives and development plans as agreed with their managers/supervisors, in order to improve their performance for their own self-development as well as the company’s benefit. 

      •     Reward Systems 
Aiming to shape a culture of employee motivation, personal satisfaction, performance and active interest in their work, the company has introduced practices of recognition and rewards such as the ‘Employee of the Month/Year’ awards  and even recognition of any acts of bravery by the KUDOS scheme.  

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