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Community  Policy  

KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS, as leading hoteliers in Cyprus, acknowledges and recognises that the local community and culture within  which we operate are of vital importance to our continuous success. 

Our aim is to become leaders in our commitment to sustainable development by making a positive impact on our society.  

1.  Certification 
 In order to achieve broader sustainability criteria including the socio-economic impacts and staff welfare, the Travelife Award will be  achieved by October 2013. 
2.  Promotion of Responsible Tourism in the Area  
 KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS is a member of Friends of the Earth,, as well as being a supporter of many community projects  within  each  of  our  hotels’  municipalities.  These  activities  deliver  economic  and  social  benefits  for  residents  and  the  business  community.  

KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS also works with local hospitality schools, overseas colleges and local labour offices to provide and offer  job  opportunities  in  line  with  government  schemes  to  help  the  unemployed  and  young  graduates  gain valuable  work  experience. 

KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS informs guests for the strict dress code when visiting the monasteries. We are also committed to promoting Cyprus made products via exhibitions in the hotels and works to condemn any form of activities which harm animals or those animals surrounding habitats

3.  Purchasing  
KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS cooperates with local suppliers wherever possible without compromising the quality of our product or commercial feasibility. In all cases we ensure that our valued guests and employees enjoy top quality foodstuffs. This will reduce CO2  emissions arising from long distance transportation of goods.        

4.  Employment    
KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS recognises the importance of recruiting and training local people in its workforce. This not only offers  local  residents  the  opportunity  to  stay  in  the  area  rather  than  seeking  employment  further  away,  but  also  keeps financial resources within the community. This company policy supports our people and our economy, and is ultimately for the benefit of prospective and repeat guests to our hotels. 
5.  Donation and Charity       
KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS is the founder of the ITHAKI Charity Organisation for dementia. It organises regular fundraising events for research projects and to support sufferers and their families.
 Charity events to support cancer research are held and promoted by KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS at one of our hotels.  Annual blood donations with Kanika staff participation are held in the hotels in collaboration with the local hospitals to  increase the supply of the local blood banks.
Sponsorships and financial support is offered to our staff’s children who are participating in sports events abroad, and who  otherwise would not have had the opportunity. 
We also sponsor our Executive Chefs’ membership in WACS (World Association of Chefs Society), which contributes to higher
culinary standards on our island and throughout the region.
Kanika  Hotels  &  Resorts  donates  furniture  and  linen  that  is  no  longer  suitable  for  the  hotel  to  local  organisations  and community groups for distribution to the needy.
Kanika Hotels & Resorts is a strong supporter of the local church and has assisted in raising funds for the distribution of much needed support and supplies to third world countries. 
Kanika Hotels & Resorts is a regular and generous donor supporting charity activities organised by our Tour Operators. 

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