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Cyprus Island


Cyprus is an island unlike any other. Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, it is a place where millennia of history and mythology meet and enchant you at every turn.

Its varied landscape stretches from the sun-kissed sandy beaches to rising mountains with snow-capped peaks during the winter, creating the perfect environment for leisure activities of all kinds. Apart from the exciting water sports in summer, year-round activities include hiking, biking, horse riding, tennis, squash, shooting, and bowling, while golf is gaining increasing popularity. In the winter months, snow-skiing in the Troodos mountains is an added bonus!


Limassol is the largest seaside resort and the second largest city in Cyprus, with the main port on the island and the core of Cyprus's wine-making industry. The town also hosts many festivals, including one of the island's most anticipated events, the wine festival, where lots of wineries offer free samples of their wines for about ten days.

There are many archaeological sites to be seen in Limassol, such as the ancient Roman Curium Amphitheatre, directly overlooking the popular Curium beach. Limassol has an excellent seafront promenade, bustling shopping streets with designer labels, prestigious boutiques and big shopping malls. There are endless restaurants, taverns and bars and the town boasts some of the greatest clubs on the island.


Nicosia, the island's capital for the past 1000 years, is located in the geographical centre of the island. It is the administrative, political, economic and cultural heart of Cyprus, and a vivid example of multicultural diversity. Its old town within the impressive Venetian Walls has an air all its own, deriving from charming architecture and narrow alleys that are being conscientiously restored and preserved.


Pafos town has a history that goes back thousands of years, and due to its rich archaeological and mythological past, it attracts visitors from all over the island and abroad. This is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, crashed onto the shores which are now known as Aphrodite's Rock. There are also many ancient sites to visit relating to the history of the town. Alternatively, the many sandy beaches, water parks, restaurants, clubs, tavernas will keep you busy.

The town centres around a picturesque harbour with its ancient castle where various events including operas, concerts and theatrical performances take place during the summer period. All these fascinating events can be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings of the ancient castle area.

Pafos is famed for its luxury hotels along the coastline which suit every taste and budget. But what makes Pafos one of the top destinations in Cyprus is the warmth and friendliness of its people.

An added advantage of Pafos is the International Pafos Airport which is only 20 minutes' drive from the main tourist area and provides an alternative solution for travellers who wish to visit the Pafos or Limassol area.

Agia Napa

Agia Napa, once a small fishing village, is now a lively resort. It is regarded as a tourist paradise with extensive silvery sandy beaches such as Nissi Beach, Makronisos Beach, Sandy Beach and Ayia Napa's main beach is the most popular.

All along the beaches of Agia Napa, you will be able to enjoy sea sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, canoe sailing, pedal boats, motorboats, scooters, speed-boats, parasailing, scuba-diving and lots more.

Apart from the many beaches, Agia Napa is famous for its new fishing harbor with cycling lanes, a cobbled square where you can sit and enjoy refreshments in the many cafes, bars, and restaurants. For those who like to shop there are many little shops where you can find just about anything.

Besides its beautiful scenery and diverse entertainment, Ayia Napa has many historical sites to visit such as the 16th-century monastery which lies in the center of the village, as well as many historical chapels in the area.


Larnaca is the island's main airport town on the southern coast of Cyprus, and the direct air link to all the major airports in eastern and western Europe as well as the Middle East. Its palm-lined promenade, a landmark of the island, attracts residents and visitors alike, who enjoy an easy stroll along the beach, or a break in the numerous street cafés and restaurants.

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