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Awards, Kanika Hotels - July 30, 2013

If it were not for our staff, where would we be? They are our greatest asset and, judging from guests’ positive feedback, it seems you agree with us whole-heartedly. You have referred time and again to their diligence, so at the annual Team Members’ Party we were able to recognise their achievements, presenting awards to four long-service staff: Sofroniou Anastasia, Demetriou Sofia, Ioannou Yiannoula and Heracles Constantinou, who, between them, have offered 87 years of loyalty! Again, based on your feedback regarding her respect for colleagues and guests, we declared Leoni Petrou, Reservations Officer, as Employee of the Year 2013. Regardless of her behind the scenes role, Leoni stands out for her dignified and hands-on approach to any problems, looking after new and repeat guests in a manner that puts them at ease from the moment they contact us.

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