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A Nod to a Brighter and Greener Future at Amavi

Travel Tips - August 2, 2019

Gorgeous sunshine holidays are all well and good. But they simply wouldn’t be possible without a clean and protected natural environment. As a major player in Cyprus’ hospitality industry, caring for the planet and ensuring sustainability for the benefit of generations to come is of prime importance to all of us at Kanika Hotels & Resorts. As such, our hotels and resorts have demonstrated equal commitment to sustainable tourism and have implemented all the requirements of the Travel Life Gold Certification 2017 – 2019, as well as receiving the AKTI Project and Research Centre Sustainability Award for tackling marine pollution.

amavi general

And from the moment that we opened the doors of the new Amavi (the first hotel of its kind in Cyprus operating under the new “Made for Two Hotels” brand by Kanika Hotels & Resorts) by Paphos’ glistening coastline, we were resolute that it is to function as an eco-hotel, aiming to receive the EU Ecolabel Certification. As our dedicated guests enjoy the luxurious grounds in a relaxing and dreamy couples-only environment, we now shed light on the ways in which the sparkling Amavi takes responsible action, aimed at minimising its ecological footprint while maintaining a high standard of services, always in line with EU recommendations and regulations.


  1. Respect for the natural environment

Not just about a stunning location, the Amavi is set on a prime beachside spot where cleanliness and environmental viability is taken exceptionally seriously. Backed by an awarded Blue Flag Beach, the Amavi operates in a way that pays utmost respect to the region’s valuable natural resources, contributing to their maintenance and preservation. Simultaneously, the Amavi strives to provide safe and relaxing vacations, maintaining the natural environment and cultural heritage, as well as the conditions for their well-being.

Blue Flag beach

  1. Energy-saving efficiency

Well aware of the importance of energy conservation and the way in which the utilisation of non-renewable resources impacts our environment, the Amavi encourages guests to minimise the use of electricity and water consumption, while providing them with eco-friendly products in each of the rooms. As such, we aim to cultivate the ecological consciousness of our customers and the minimisation of the impact of hotel activities on the local environment. On a wider scale, the hotel as a whole is dedicated to waste and potential pollution minimisation, maximising reusable, recyclable and recoverable materials. Our personnel is also well trained on all environmental issues and practises.

Energy saving

  1. Responsible action

Within the framework of a wider CSR programme, Kanika Hotels & Resorts has developed a unique WorldWise programme, dedicated to the prudent and rational management of the environment for a sustainable economic, social and ecological development of the local community and the country as a whole. Beyond environmentally friendly policies, we take great pride in investing in an inspiring work environment while offering over 200 jobs to the local community. Under the Kanika SPRIT – an acronym for Service, Professionalism, Innovation, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork – the company implements a comprehensive recognition and awards system, which acknowledges employee efforts and achievements.


We are also equally committed to giving back to the community via our non-profit Ithaki Charity Organisation, created to offer care and support for dementia patients and their families. Moreover, we aim to support local producers every step of the way, using fresh local produce for guests to enjoy, while always welcoming guests in their rooms with traditional Cyprus delicacies and local wine.

olive tree



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Historic Cyprus Splendours: 5 Top Sites You’ve got to See

Travel Tips - July 29, 2019

The moment you land down on Cyprus’ sun-kissed shores, you may be tempted to just sink your toes into the sand and never leave the water’s edge. But those with a streak for adventure and thirst for new discoveries, will soon find that the small island’s history really packs a punch, with treasures that will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a time machine! Here are some top sites to add to your bucket list, all in close proximity to our Limassol and Paphos hotels.


  1. Curium Ancient Amphitheatre

If you’re staying at the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol, be sure to rent a car and drive through scenic coastal roads to visit one of the most impressive ancient sites on the island. Rising above the Limassol seascape and countryside, enter the Curium Amphitheatre – dating back to the 2nd century BC – and feast your eyes on truly impressive panoramic views, in stunning surrounds that form part of what was once one of most important city kingdoms in antiquity.

 curium amphitheatre 1


  1. Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

Another awe-inspiring Limassol site near the ancient Curium further bringing to life the grandeur of the island’s past. The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates was built around 100 AD, honouring Apollo Hylates (Apollo of the woods or ‘God of the Woodland’) who was the protector of the area. It is thought Apollo Hylates was worshiped at the site from the 8thcentury BC to the 4th century AD.


Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates


  1. Paphos Archaeological Park

Whether you’re enjoying a luxurious holiday with your other half at the Amavi,  taking in the waterside magic at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel, or spending time with the whole family at the Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos, the Paphos Archaeological Park is one of the most famous on the island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. Home to some of the most spectacular examples of Roman mosaic works, they are without a doubt the finest in all the Eastern Mediterranean, if not the world. While perusing the park, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Tombs of the Kings, the Forty Columns ‘Castle’, and the ancient Odeon.

 Paphos mosaics


  1. Paphos Medieval Castle

Originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the picturesque town of Paphos, this must-see site commands a brilliant location by the pretty harbour, and makes for an ideal afternoon or evening out. The original fort was rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century, dismantled by the Venetians in 1570, and then rebuilt by the Ottomans after they captured the island in the 16th century.

 Paphos castle


  1. Sanctuary of Aphrodite, Kouklia

Most Cyprus visitors will make the effort to head as far as Aphrodite’s Rock to see the revered birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, but not as many travellers visit the village of Kouklia to see the sanctuary of this mighty goddess, dating back to the 12th century BC, and once known as the famous pilgrimage centers of the ancient Greek world. Add it to your Cyprus bucket list immediately!


sanctuary of Aphrodite

 Cover photo: Tombs of the Kings, Paphos Archeological Park 

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Say Cheers: Gorgeous Winemaking Villages to Visit

Travel Tips - July 18, 2019

With a winemaking history spanning over 5000 years, no visit to Cyprus would be complete without sipping on a glass of fine local wine. And if you wish to truly immerse yourselves in the tasty experience, take a drive through hilly landscapes blanketed in rambling vines, and stop off at some of the island’s most beautiful villages that boast age-old winemaking traditions. When you arrive, be sure to stop off at some of the island’s best boutique wineries, all within relatively easy driving distance from Kanika Hotels and Resorts Limassol and Paphos holiday havens.



1. Vouni Panayia

If there’s one out of town trip you should take while in Paphos, then make it the blissful journey up to the gorgeous Vouni Panayia. The area is protected as a natural habitat within the ‘Life, Natura 2000’ network, and boasts a unique ecosystem with numerous nature trails winding through the gorgeous landscape blessed with pretty vineyards lapping up the warm Mediterranean sunshine.

vouni panayia

Cocooned by the Paphos Forest and the nearby gorgeous Cedar Valley, you’ll be in seventh heaven in no time at all. And once you reach Vouni Panayia winery, you can kick back to enjoy high caliber wines made from grapes cultivated in the area, while the onsite traditional museum and a film about the local winemaking process are also a real treat.


2. Kathikas

Another firm Paphos district favourite, this gorgeous winemaking village, Kathikas, takes you way back in time, with stone-built houses telling tales of bygone days and traditional coffee shops and eateries beckoning the weary and hungry traveler.

Vasilikon winery

As a winemaking district, the area is famous for its Xynisteri, an indigenous grape that thrives in a temperate climate. Head to the area’s acclaimed Vasilikon Winery to try some award-winning varieties, with grapes picked mainly from the family’s vineyards. With wine in hand, step outside onto the massive patio area and make the most of panoramic views across the undulating mountains towards the sea. The on-site museum is also bound to inspire you, filled with machinery and winemaking tools from days gone by.


3. Omodos

Famed for its local produce, Omodos is hands-down one of the prettiest mountain villages of the Limassol district. And it’s mighty proud of its local produce and renowned for its delicious grapes since ancient times – so much so, that locals gather outside their houses and shops selling local wine, Zivania (made from grape pomace), and other local delicacies made with grapes like soujoukos and palouze.


Also home to medieval stone buildings, museums and the grand Monastery of the Holy Cross (one of the oldest and most historic monasteries on the island) there’s much to feast your eyes on when exploring the area. Once you’ve perused the cobbled lanes, make a beeline for the Ktima Gerolemo Winery, run by a family with a  great passion for making wine from grapes from the surrounding area.


4. Koilani

Another Limassol district village which sees local folk potter about at much the same pace as they did years ago, through paved alleyways and past perfectly pretty picturesque houses with traditional tiled roofs, Koilani oozes traditional charm and is one of the most famous winemaking villages on the island. And down in the village’s verdant valley, the Kryos River flows peacefully, irrigating lands filled with apple and pear trees.


Wish to sample some of the best local wine in the area? Vlassides Winery is the place to be; a cutting-edge modern winery that produces over 120 000 bottles annually – mostly Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Xynisteri grape varieties.


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A Year of Distinction: Kanika Hotels & Resorts Awarded for Excellence!

Travel Tips - July 4, 2019

Having received countless distinctions over the past year, Kanika Hotels & Resorts is exceptionally proud of the long list of accolades which consolidate its position as an industry leader, while it remains dedicated to improving services to provide the best possible holiday experience for all guests!

We fill you in on some top industry awards received over the past year, that highlight our passion for providing the best possible customer service and our ongoing commitment to excellence, while we also embrace green practices to better the world we live in, as we pave the way for innovation and change in the years to come.


  1. Leading the way!

With Mr. Spyros t. Karaolis at the helm of the Kanika Group, the exceptional foresight and vision of our Executive Chairman was honoured in December 2018, awarded as ‘Business Leader in the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Sector’ at the 5th CCCI (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Business Leader Awards.

Acknowledging excellence in the Cyprus business world, Mr. Karaolis expressed his gratitude for the people who make Kanika Group what it is today, sharing the same beliefs, values and common goals. At the ceremony, Mr. Karaolis went on to lovingly dedicate the award to his father, Mr. Theodosis Karaolis, who first set up the company in 1975, and from whom Mr. Spyros Karaolis took over in 2009.




  1. Perfecting the customer experience

At Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we take pride in our ability to respond to your needs and wishes while exemplifying our dedication and commitment to offering the best possible holiday experience. In this light, we are very proud to have topped TripAdvisor’s 2019 rankings for yet another year running.



A special mention goes to the Olympic Lagoon Resorts in both Agia Napa and Paphos, the former voted as Top Family Hotel in Cyprus, and the later voted Top Hotel in Cyprus according to the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards 2019. Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Paphos was also honoured with second place among the Top 25 hotels in Cyprus, while the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol ranked 6th out of the Top 25 Hotels for Families in Cyprus.  The Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos has also been honoured by Travelmyth as one of the Top 30 five-star hotels in Cyprus, while Paphos’ Alexander the Great Beach Hotel has been rated as ‘superb’ by guests on


  1. Tour operator’s favourite

Grateful for the ongoing support shown to us by Thomas Cook UK & Ireland Ltd, they have honoured Alexander the Great Beach Hotel with their Sunny Heart Award (silver winner 2018), while the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Paphos received a silver award as ‘Best All Inclusive for the Year 2018’, as well as a Sunny Heart Award (Silver Winner 2018). Jet2Holidays have also honoured our hotels, with the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel receiving a 2018 ‘Quality Award’ and the Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos receiving the ‘Best Overall 5* Family Hotel’ award in the same year.




  1. Rocking it on booking services

Online booking services are often the very first step in the holiday experience, and we are proud that our hotels and resorts have scored flying colours on guest review awards 2018, achieving a score of 9.3/10 for both Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos and Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Paphos, with Elias Beach Hotel Limassol scoring 8.4/10.




  1. Environmentally savvy

Always placing great emphasis on environmental awareness, green practices, and giving back to the community throughout Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we are proud that the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol and Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Paphos have both been honored with excellence with the Travelife Gold Certification – an international certification scheme honouring sustainability, fair practices and social contributions – for the period of November 2017 to November 2019. Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Paphos was also honoured with a Gold Medal in 2018 by the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research & Education.





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Your Guide to the Ultimate Fun Family Holiday in Cyprus

Sunshine holidays are sometimes mistakenly likened to lazy holidays. Don’t get us wrong, most of us are in dire need of rejuvenation and recuperation when we’re enjoying days off away from the everyday routine, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have great fun at the same time! And when there are kids involved, we all know that they yearn for constant entertainment and excitement. Kanika Hotels & Resorts have ensured that the whole family is in for a splashing good time on holiday, with gripping performances to watch, activities to delight in, and dedicated kid’s clubs to give the young ones good reason to smile while you rest those limbs and declutter your mind on the ultimate comfort of a sun lounger! Here’s the lowdown on activities to make the whole family rejoice.


Kid's fun


1. Showtime fun

There’s never a dull moment at any of our hotels and resorts and the entertainment programme at Kanika Hotels & Resorts whisks you away into a fantastical world of excitement and fun from the moment you set foot in our paradisiacal grounds. And there’s no better place for the whole family to revel in a captivating live show than the sparkling Xperience Arenas at the Olympic Lagoon Resorts, both in Agia Napa and Paphos. Boasting state-of-the-art sound and vision installations, live shows and performances will leave you sitting at the edge of your seats with lively bands, sensational singers and talented Kanika Allstars dancers giving it their all-in new extravagant productions. The latest stage hits include the classic Grease musical, taking audiences back in time with costumes to leave you bedazzled, lights and visuals to delight the senses, and an explosion of music creating a spectacle to be remembered.  The team are also pulling out all the stops with their latest adaptation of the current trending musical hit, The Greatest Snowman. With acrobatics giving this production a whole new dimension, envious moves and polished vocals guarantee a spine-tingling experience.

OLR Xperience arena -239


Planning a stay at the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol? You’ll be delighted with An Audience with Michael Bublé, back by popular demand, alongside a whole host of other shows like Dreamgirls, Abba Mania, Rock Fest, Flashback and more. Everyone holidaying at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel Paphos can enjoy an enlarged stage with beloved shows bringing the upgraded facilities to life, from The Tones, Legends of Sound, The Jerseys Boys and Thriller to A Night at the Musicals, Sounds of Motown and Chicago.


2. Little Monsters

Enjoyed the evening stage entertainment and looking forward to a blissfully quiet morning? We’re well aware that parents on holiday deserve a little downtime, and in this light, the trained NVQ children’s entertainers at Kanika Hotels & Resorts give adults the chance to soak up the Mediterranean sun without a worry in the world.  Drop the young ones off at the Little Monsters and Junior Monsters Kid’s Clubs, and they’ll soon be impersonating their favourite Disney characters, saving the earth as superhero detectives, embarking on wild pirate adventures and running amok on sports days.


OLRAY Kids Club 1 CMYK


3. Caught in action

As the whole family enjoys splashing poolside fun, keep your eyes peeled for the Kanika Allstars, keeping everyone on their feet with exciting sporting activities. Keen on keeping up with your exercise routine while on your family holiday? Now’s your chance to enjoy aqua Zumba and aqua aerobics. And for the perfect blend of fitness and relaxation, yoga and stretching classes will leave you feeling on top of the world.

aqua aerobics

Got teenagers with you on holiday? Worried about them getting bored? No need to fret, older kids are in for great fun at the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Agia Napa and Paphos, with the Junior Teenz and Teenz Club giving them the chance to hang out and make new friends. New activities – including mocktail making, just dance competitions, and lip sync battles – make the Teenz Club the place to be. The Hi-tec Arcade Room provides access to PlayStations, Xbox, Kinects and an internet room, while new football tables and air hockey tables give teens more to enjoy in their very own space. And if they still have more energy to unleash, the Olympic Soccer Academy will also get their legs moving and hearts racing!


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Sizzling Events to Enjoy in Paphos this Summer

Paphos is a Mediterranean haven in every sense of the word. Awash with history and cocooned by azure seas and a golden coastline fringed with towering palm trees, holidays in the seaside town are an idyllic affair. And in the balmy jasmine-scented summer months, it really is all about ‘joie de vivre’, as the town comes to life with extravagant performances and festivals to lift the spirits and ignite the senses.

With three stunning hotels in the vicinity to choose from, including the family-friendly Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos, the sleek Alexander the Great Beach Hotel and the brand-new couples only Amavi Made For Two Hotel, there’s an ideal retreat for everyone after all is said and done, no matter what your personal holiday style. Read on to discover some of the best events to delight you in the coming months!


  1. A Thespian Flair: International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

Shining a bright spotlight on the theatrical arts in Cyprus, this annual event is a real highlight of the annual culture calendar, breathing life into some of the best open-air amphitheatres on the island, including the magical Paphos Ancient Odeon (a 2nd-century Odeon built entirely out of limestone blocks located in the Paphos Archaeological Park). Lovers of a good bit of stage drama can look forward to a richly diverse selection of high-quality acts, with performances by theatre companies and groups from around the world staging The Trojan Women, Bacchae and Hippolytus by Euripides, Lysistrata by Aristophanes, and more.

Photo: Foto Larko

End of June – end of July 2019. Paphos Ancient Odeon. Info:


  1. Operatic Inspirations: Pafos Aphrodite Festival

Al fresco summer moments under starry skies are one thing, but when the experience is accentuated by the moon casting its reflection across the seas and a soprano voice piercing through the summer evening air, the affair is a positively overwhelming one. In this light, it’s hardly surprising that the annual Pafos Aphrodite Festival leaves visitors speechless, year in and year out. Opera and music lovers this year can look forward to a nail-biting rendition of Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, performed by the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus.


August 30, 31 and September 1st. Paphos Castle. Info:


  1. Merrymaking Delights: Dionysia Festival

Wave goodbye to the summer in traditional style in the Paphos village of Stroumbi where locals pay homage to the famed Greek god of wine, Dionysos! Enjoy plenty of merriment and joyful festivities in one of the largest winemaking villages on the island; the festival gives all guests the chance to get better acquainted with winemaking traditions, as well as plenty of dancing, games, and a taste of traditional produce.

wine festival

Planned for the end of August or September, exact date for 2019 TBD. Stroumbi village, Paphos. Info:


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A Taste of Togetherness: Cocktail Heaven at Amavi’s Selene Bar

Travel Tips - June 11, 2019

True paradise on earth for couples in love, the brand new Amavi is the flagship of Kanika Hotel & Resort’s innovative Made for Two brand. An eco-hotel where togetherness comes first, love-birds can revel in 5-star luxury while gazing out across the deep blue of the outdoor sapphire infinity pool, blending seamlessly with the endless horizon, palm trees reaching to touch the clear skies and sea waves gently lapping against Cyprus’ fine golden west coast sands.



To the moon and back at Selene Cocktail Bar

Well-aware that sun kissed days of Mediterranean bliss would not be complete without breezy al fresco evenings with the most delectable cocktails in hand, the sheer sophistication of Amavi’s Selene Cocktail Bar ensures a taste of heaven while sparks fly under a canopy of twinkling stars.


Commanding impressive sea views, it’s the perfect spot to take in the soothing sights and sounds of the Mediterranean, with the name of the bar aptly rooted in Greek mythology and the Goddess of the Moon. Let this mysterious, mercurial goddess, trap you in an everlasting moment of bliss as you slip into the perfect evening of taste togetherness with the elegant bar and menu inspired by classic favourites and modern mixology. Only premium local ingredients find their way into the Selene Bar drinks, which include an international wine list as well as a variety of rums and spirits.


But it’s the signature cocktails that are the real stars of the show, exemplifying the Amavi spirit of innovation, determined to please the discerning taste buds of even the most dedicated cocktail connoisseur. The list of signature cocktails has been created by local bartending legend and international award-winning Bartending Instructor and Consultant, Costas Nicolaides. “It took months of hard work to create each cocktail; our aim is to take customers to the moon and back,” he lets on. I brought my knowledge from some of the best bars in the world together, from New York to China, to create these drinks.”


Igniting passion with every sip

With ten dreamy signature cocktails to choose from, each concoction has been created with the discerning Amavi guest in mind, heightening the senses while drawing on myths and legends of the surrounding area and the natural world of the Mediterranean region and beyond.

Blood Moon

The ‘Cocktails for 2’ are perfect for sharing; ‘The Sixth Sense’ ignites all five senses with vodka infused with pear, shaken with fresh apple and passion fruit, aromatic Tonka blossom, almond syrup and fresh Grapefruit. ‘Blood Moon’, on the other hand, is made to eclipse the senses and create perfect harmony, served in a volcano cup on fire, with a blend of rums infused with roasted sesame, mixed with blood orange liqueur, almond, orange and pineapple juice.

Behind the Selene bar, the bartenders keep busy in their very own kitchen. “We make our own diffusions, we dehydrate, we have endless pots and pans where we make our syrup and much more” enthuses Nicolaides.


And how would any passionate night be complete without a tribute to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, who is said to have risen from waters by Aphrodite’s Rock, just a few miles from the Amavi, while bathing in the area at the famous ‘Baths of Aphrodite’. The namesake Amavi signature cocktail invites all guests to take in the beauty of the surrounds as the sun sets over the sea, in honour of this gorgeous deity. Served in a sea shell, you’ll be sipping on a Havana Club Selection de Maestro, shaken with homemade lemon grass syrup, rose peppercorns, a dash of lychee and guava juice.

Bath of Aphrodite

The list of impressive cocktails goes on, whether you wish to light up your night with ‘Electric Daisy’, mesmerise your senses with ‘The Elixir of Selene’, or watch your drink change colour as the sun sets with ‘Eyes of Medusa’ – the choice, is yours!

“What’s for sure, is that you will ignite all the senses: each cocktail has a history, each cocktail is a pure experience,” affirms Nicolaides. And once cocktails are firmly hand? Let the mind drift into an otherworldly dimension as professional performers provide soft and dreamy live musical entertainment to rouse the senses and soothe the soul.




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Amavi Couples-Only Hotel: Behind the Doors of Paphos’ Brand New Gem

If paradise were a place on earth, chances are, you would experience the magic of it on Cyprus’ glistening palm fringed south-west coastline. And if it were to be given a name and exact location, paradise would very likely find its ideal home at the brand new 5-star Amavi!


Amavi 3


The very first couples-only hotel in Cyprus has officially opened its doors, welcoming its first guests into a true haven of relaxation and romance. Standing as the flagship of Kanika Hotels and Resort’s Made For Two Hotels  brand, guests were recently welcomed through the Amavi doors in the finest style by the hotel’s General Manager accompanying guests into the luxurious hotel grounds, while handed a beautiful bouquet of flowers, celebratory champagne and refreshments.


amavi welcome 1


“We are truly delighted to welcome our first guests into this highly-anticipated deluxe hotel in one of the most stunning beachfront locations on the island,” emphasises Amavi General Manager. “The Amavi has been custom-designed to ensure that guests completely relax, recharge and reconnect. We provide for their every need, to guarantee that every couple enjoys the precious luxury of their time together in the most tranquil haven, where togetherness and comfort comes first.”

Having already attracted the interest of discerning travellers from around the world, the guest experience is made all the more exceptional with couples-only amenities, far from the stress and worries of daily life. Unobstructed enchanting sea and sunset views from the hotel’s elegantly-appointed rooms and suites left the first Amavi guests wide-eyed, while signature couples-only amenities, state-of-the-art technology and personalised services, seamlessly entwine to create a relaxed and personal atmosphere, where every day becomes a honeymoon.




The lush and landscaped grounds add to the dream-like appeal, with every inch of the certified eco-label hotel meticulously designed to ensure romantic holidays are as idyllic as possible, right beside the golden sands of an awarded Blue Flag beach. And because no holidays under Mediterranean skies are complete without a refreshing dip in sapphire pools, guests can soothe the senses in the infinity pool merging with the deep blue of the Med, before dipping toes into the waters of a more secluded oasis designed to energise the senses with whirlpools and back massages. All this, just a short walk away from the breathtaking Paphos medieval castle and adjacent harbour.




Evenings at the Amavi are all about reconnecting in fine intimate style, with the hotel’s half board premium gastronomy providing an all-encompassing drink and world class dine-around experience at four signature restaurants, ensuring every meal is a memorable treat for two. Al fresco candlelit conversation and glorious sunsets from breath-taking rooftops and outdoor areas are complemented by gourmet meals, bearing the hallmark of world-renowned Michelin-starred chef, Theodor Falser, delighting even the most refined palate. The gastronomic experience is perfectly enhanced by live soul-soothing evening entertainment and dreamy cocktails as you sink into a soft daydream under the sparkling night sky.

And when all is said and done, the unparalleled comfort and luxury of the hotel rooms and suites await, where rain showers and Made For Two amenities ensure that you and your partner will live out the true meaning of the Latin phrase ‘Veni, Vidi, Amavi’… ‘I came, I saw, I loved.’ Are you ready to fall head over heels in love once more?



For additional information or to book your stay visit:


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Your Guide to 2019 Limassol Grand Carnival Weekend: 48 Hours of Non- Stop Fun!

Travel Tips - March 4, 2019

Carnival fun in Cyprus is almost synonymous with Limassol! The seaside town is notorious – and has even received international acclaim – for throwing the most spectacular and colourful fun-filled carnival events, culminating in a wild and wonderful grand carnival parade on the Sunday before the start of Lent (falling on March 10th this year.)


Carnival party


Locals plan their colourful outfits made months or weeks in advance, while revellers spill out onto the streets to dance and let loose like there’s no tomorrow! Always keen to throw a good party, the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol will be strumming to the wild carnival beat with a grand carnival ball taking place on March 9th, organised by the Ithaki Association (a non-profit organisation founded by Kanika Group offering relief and support for dementia patients) with a sumptuous buffet, live music to keep you on your toes, and plenty of drink to ensure the merriment lasts well into the night. Be sure to don your most flamboyant outfit, as prizes will be given for best costumes.

For those looking to combine their Limassol stay at Elias Beach Hotel with fun around the town, we’ve compiled a list of highlights for the young and young at heart to look forward to throughout the weekend of March 9th and 10th!


Limassol parade


Saturday 9th March

Children’s train tours: 10.30am
Carnival is heaps of fun for adults, but it’s even more thrilling for kids who get to dress up as their favourite heroes and characters. And now, the little ones can hop on the Limassol Municipality children’s train for fun tours around the city; just take them down to Hellenic Bank on Gladstonos Street from where the trains will be setting off.


children's ride


Classic car parade: 3pm

Love vintage cars? Then be sure to watch out for the Limassol Classic Cars Club driving around the city in a carnival mood, starting at the Enaerios Parking Place and ending at Grigori Afxentiou Square (in front of the District Office Building).


car parade


Serenader’s parade: 7.30pm

You really can’t talk about carnival in Cyprus without talking about serenaders, known as ‘Kantadori’. Making their appearance in the late 1940s, they were known to roam the streets with guitars and mandolins, often singing under balconies with songs about the beauty of Limassol, the pleasure of life and the carnival celebrations!

The upcoming Serenader’s Parade should be music to your ears, taking place in front of the Town Hall where the Limassol Municipality invites everyone to sing and dance along with a group of happy musicians who will be parading towards Grigoris Afxentiou Square.



Sunday 10th March

Grand Carnival Parade: Starts 1pm

Hands down the grandest event of them all! All the action will be taking place down Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, staring at Ayios Nikolaos roundabout and ending at the Polemidia Traffic Lights. What can you expect? Anything and everything! This year, carnival Queens will be leading the show, and their flamboyance will be accentuated with carnival music, extravagant floats, groups of people dancing in outrageous gear, a brass band, percussion instrument groups, and the list goes on.


carnival 1


Farewell carnival fiesta: 9pm

Not ready to take your dancing shoes off? Wave goodbye to the carnival at the Old Port Square, with a fiesta and DJ music to leave you grooving until the wee hours. And if you’ve gone all out with your costume, you may well be up for some recognition as awards will be given to the best three participants.


carnival fiesta

For the full programme of this year’s Limassol Carnival celebrations visit:

For more information on celebrations at Elias Beach Hotel call +357 25 636000. 




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Grand Opening of Amavi: First Couples Only Hotel in Cyprus

Travel Tips - February 19, 2019

Picture this. You’ve arrived at a blissful location by Cyprus’ glistening azure waters with your other half. After stepping into your plush room that revolves around intimacy, you and your loved one kick back to enjoy the soothing sounds of the Mediterranean out on your balcony, with panoramic views that paint a heavenly scene punctuated by golden sands and towering palm trees. When hunger strikes, romantic hotel dining transports you to seventh heaven, while a walk round the hotel grounds reveals leisure facilities enhancing the experience of true togetherness far from the demands of daily life. Welcome to the brand new Amavi!


happy young romantic couple in love have fun on beautiful beach at beautiful summer day.

Set to open its doors this March 23rd 2019 as part of Kanika Hotels & Resorts new Made For Two Hotels™, the island’s first couples-only hotel will be welcoming love birds into a five star luxury eco-establishment commanding a prime location on Paphos’ west coast. What to expect during your stay? Let us guide you through the one-of-a-kind heavenly experience!


Intimate Michelin starred dining

For a culinary affair to remember, Amavi’s terms of stay include Half Board Premium Gastronomy; an all-encompassing drink and dine-around experience. With four restaurants to tempt you, world-renowned Michelin-starred chef, Theodor Falser, has been working closely with Group Executive Chef, Antonis Nicolaou, to craft sublime dishes that promise to delight even the most refined palate at the Amavi’s stunning Immenso Pan Asian restaurant, as well as the Nocturne fine Mediterranean restaurant.




That’s not to forget the fresh and flavoursome dishes of the Ezaria all day restaurant, with international dishes teasing the palette from its open kitchen. Craving a nautical inspired meal? Fortolana should do the trick! For a night cap in decadent style under star filled open skies, the Selene Cocktail bar is the place to be- a lounge style terrace that commands magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area.


Sumptuously stylish rooms

Luxury and relaxation are of paramount importance at Amavi, and the stylish comfort of all rooms is accentuated by endless sea views which can be enjoyed from your private balcony or terrace. Indulge in a relaxing rain shower and enjoy a whole range of modern amenities, whether you’re enjoying your loved-up getaway in a Deluxe Room, making the most of extra space in the Junior Suite, or luxuriating in a private plunge pool or garden in a Superior Cabana. And if you’re tying the knot at Amavi, there is no place more perfect to kickstart wedded bliss than the Honeymoon Suite. Last but not least, the Executive Suite is ideal for any special occasion.


A-009-Amavi Junior suite RGB


Grounds that dreams are made of

Every inch of the Amavi has been designed to make your romantic holiday as exceptional as possible. If you dream of working on your tan in uninterrupted peace, you can make the most of the Amavi’s sunbed allocation system at either of the two outdoor pools, whereby you and your partner can settle into your chosen poolside spot, and enjoy it for the duration of your stay.


AMAVI-view 9-2-RGB


Find true repose at the Saffire pool, with its stunning sea views and poolside bar, while the The Evera pool is the perfect set-up for healing and relaxation in luxurious outdoor surroundings. Spa-type water features include whirlpools and back massagers. Heading to Cyprus in the cooler winter months? Head indoors for some splashing fun – the Evera indoor pool allows you to enjoy refreshing exercise and aqua-relaxation regardless of weather conditions.


Serene side-by-side spa indulgences

At the Evera Spa and Fitness Centre, you and your other half can enjoy a workout together before surrendering into a world of pure bliss, as one of the spa’s professional therapists work their magic in the designated couples’ suites. Float away into a haven of relaxation with exclusive products from the Natural Spa Factory, using botanically sourced ingredients derived from nature to soothe and stimulate you.


A-026-Amavi Treatment Room RGB


Drawing on a passion for wellness and luxury, the Evera Couples Ritual gives love birds the chance to enjoy a nourishing and deeply calming bespoke full body massage, followed by an illuminating facial to brighten and lighten the complexion, leaving you and your other half with a radiant glow. What’s more, a glass of complementary champagne adds to the romance. Other dreamy couples’ treatments include the Melt Away Candle Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage and Back Massage. The choice, is yours!


Location, location, location!

With the translucent waters of a Blue Flag beach right on your doorstep, all you need is a good book and your SPF protection in a location made in heaven! Look out across the endless horizon and you’ll spot the Paphos Medieval Castle, a gorgeous historic site that you can visit on foot. End the day with a romantic stroll down the seafront at sunset and you’ll be in for a real treat as the skies light up and set those romantic sparks flying high in true Amavi style!


Silhouette of couple walking on beach at sunset holding hands. Horizontally framed shot.

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