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A proud moment

Our People - January 10, 2020

Our talented team of Kanika Hotels & Resorts chefs made us proud once again at the Gastronomia competition during the HORECA Gastronomy Exhibition 2019, winning 11 awards in 7 entries. Our Sous-Chef of Elias Beach Hotel Thanasis Christou, excelled at the awards earning the title of the Chef of The Year, with the Gold Medal.

The Kanika chefs specifically received 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in a number of categories related to specific dishes and meals. The Amavi Hotel was one among the 3 hotels from all over Cyprus that managed to enter the Grand Prix Challenge category, winning the Bronze Medal in the Cook and Serve - Cypriot Menu and Cypriot Wine Category.

The categories and winners of the Kanika Hotels & Resorts medals are:

Panagiotis Vasiliou / Nikos Paspaliaris: Silver Medal for RISOTTO APPETIZER AND PORK MAIN COURSE
Panagiotis Mitroklis / Giorgos Tounas: Silver Medal for TWO RESTAURANT APPETIZERS
Panagiotis Vasiliou / Nikos Paspaliaris: Bronze Medal for CHICKEN AND FISH MAIN COURSE
Panagiotis Vasiliou / Nikos Paspaliaris / Panagiotis Mitroklis / Ioannis Garefalakis (waiter): Bronze Medal for GRAND PRIX CHALLENGE COOK AND SERVE - CYPRIOT MENU AND CYPRIOT WINE
Maria Charalampous: Bronze Medal for WEDDING CAKE
Konstantinos Kyprianou / Panagiota Louka: Bronze Medal for TWO COURSE MODERN CYPRIOT MENU

Petros Tsingas / Omiros Roussos: Silver Medal for CHICKEN AND FISH MAIN COURSE
Petros Tsingas / Omiros Roussos: Bronze Medal for RISOTTO APPETIZER AND PORK MAIN COURSE

Thanasis Christou / Nikolas Anastasiou: Silver Medal for RISOTTO APPETIZER AND PORK MAIN COURSE
Nikolas Anastasiou / Louis Loizou: Silver Medal for TWO COURSE MODERN CYPRIOT MENU
Thanasis Christou: Gold Medal - CHEF OF THE YEAR

For the past 8 years, Kanika Hotels & Resorts chefs have participated in The HORECA Gastronomy Exhibition, winning several awards in all gastronomy categories every year of the competition. Kanika Hotels & Resorts feels extremely happy and shares this proud moment with you, our valued guests, many of whom return to our hotels year after year from across the globe.

Kanika Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to pushing boundaries while embracing the spirit of innovation, providing our customers with the best possible holiday experience under the Mediterranean skies. We emphasise in gastronomy and we constantly try to distinguish, as we know that good food plays a major role in the travel plans of holidaymakers.


Gastronomy in Europe is a whole journey in a variety of flavors and tastes; and this is where we step in! When you stay with us you certainly don’t have to worry about eating that little bit more in style and luxury. Why? Because we make sure that all of our hotels offer that unique gastronomic experience you are looking for in holidays, where the sun is your constant companion and the sea always within reach…

Indulge in a flavour-packed Kanika gastronomy experience with our huge variety of dining options of restaurants and menus, and packages of the value you deserve. Whether you come with family, friends, as a couple or as a loner traveller, you can choose a dining experience to suit your holiday at all our Kanika Hotels.

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Thanasis Christou, Chef of the Year 2019

Our People - January 9, 2020

HORECA_CHEF_AWARD-01Thanasis Christou, Chef of the Year 2019

With passion for learning and drive to discover new skills and experiences, the Sous-Chef of Elias Beach Hotel, Thanasis Christou tops the Chef of The Year Category in Cyprus HORECA Gastronomy Exhibition 2019, earning the Gold Medal.

Thanasis, an enthusiastic and dedicated chef with experience in à la carte and banqueting Mediterranean cuisine and creative abilities in all aspects of gastronomy, is committed to achieve high levels of hospitality, delivering to Elias Beach Hotel’s guests a memorable culinary experience.

With certified studies in Hotel Industry, Food Hygiene, Nutrition and Health, as well with a BA in Business Operations Management and Culinary Arts from the University of Derby, Buxton - U.K., Thanasis brings his extensive knowledge and skills to enhance Kanika’s gastronomy journey, one of the main pillars of the company.

His flowing positive energy, passion and hard work led him to distinct in the Cyprus HORECA Gastronomy Exhibition 2019, earning the Gold Medal as the Chef of The Year Category.  “The Gold Medal as the Chef of The Year among extraordinary chefs in Cyprus is a proud moment for me,” says the winning-chef. “We welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to our hotels and restaurants every year, using the best quality of local ingredients and making every effort to offer our guests a unique high-standard dining experience. I’m extremely proud of being in the Kanika Chefs team and for all of our chefs’ distinctions throughout hard working in our kitchens and restaurants, adds to his comments Thanasis.

Kanika Hotels & Resorts feels extremely proud for Thanasis Christou great achievement, managing to top the Chef of the Year Category of a well-known gastronomy exhibition, competing with the top Cypriot hotel chefs. Undoubtedly, his distinction confirms his given commitment to Kanika, his extensive knowledge and personality skills. His achievement is a paradigm for all Kanika chefs and staff, setting him an ideal role model.

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Loyalty in Action

Our People - January 19, 2017

Finding good employees is challenging for any business. Even if you manage to find good workers, retaining them is another challenge.

Here at Kanika Hotels & Resorts, we realise that our people are our greatest asset – especially those team members for whom Kanika has become a second home. Meet our ‘veterans’ who have been serving our Group for over 25 years and have contributed significantly to our success.

Some of the loyal ‘veterans’ that are part of Kanika Group success

Loyalty article 1


Our world of business and success relies to the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you.

Thank you for your hard work.

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