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“Tsiknopempti” … not just an ordinary Thursday, but islanders’ fun Annual National Day!

Elias Beach - February 16, 2017

Tsiknopempti BBQ

Did you know what day is today?

-It’s not just another Thursday, but the well-known fun Annual National Day for the island of Cyprus and especially for all citizens of Limassol!

– It’s called in Cypriot dialect: “Tsiknopempti”; which actually marks the official start to the Limassol Carnival which lasts for 10 continuous days.

– It is a traditional Catholic Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and the Greek Orthodox Easter.

Cypriots celebrate “Tsiknopempti”, which literally means “Thursday of the Smoke of Grilled Meat”. It is celebrated 11 days before Clean Monday or the well-known over the island as “Kathari Deftera”; in Green Monday!

Cypriots celebrate by going out to the streets and consuming large quantities of grilled meat, such as souvla, souTsiknopempti @ Limassol Old Townvlaki & seftalies. All the town of Limassol set up grills in central squares with carnival music and dances.

The tradition of cooking the meat is on a charcoal barbeque The smell of burning charcoal and the meat cooking covers the whole of Limassol and you will see the souvla, kebab and other meats, cooking on a barbeque or the well-known “foukou”; the traditional Cyprus spit.

The best place to enjoy “Tsiknopempti” in Limassol is the Old Town; where visitors will see all the narrow streets lined with people cooking their meat, and enjoying the carnival atmosphere as this is the time when people traditionally begin to wear their carnival costumes.

The whole of Limassol Old Town turns into one large street party, with lots of dancing in the streets and everybody just having a great time.

For more info about city activities over this year’s Carnival Period press on this link:

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Exceeding your Needs

It’s extremely difficult to put into words how grateful we are for your kind words and valuable feedback after a stay with us, be it for one night or seven. What’s most
important to us is that your stay is as comfortable and satisfying as it can be, and that when you leave us to head back home you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing you speak so glowingly about your stay here at Elias Beach Hotel. Continue reading “Exceeding your Needs” »

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Serenity Health Club & Spa

Κanika invites you to immerse yourself in peaceful tranquility within the sheltered ambiance of its exclusive Serenity Health Club & Spa. From the gentle incense, to the orchids and lush towels, everything is spotless, meticulously cared for and designed to transport your body and mind. But what will truly set your spa experience apart is an exciting new partnership between Kanika and two acclaimed spa brands, Germaine de Capuccini and Premier Dead Sea.

With over 50 years experience in over 80 countries, Germaine de Capuccini is dedicated to delivering results. Equally distinctive is Premier, with its multi award-winning products drawing on the rare minerals of the Dead Sea, rich in therapeutic and transformative powers.

Nothing makes you feel quite as special as being massaged, contoured and pampered with the best spa elements out there, some of which come with centuries of tradition. Continue reading “Serenity Health Club & Spa” »

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Αποδράστε για το τριήμερο του κατακλυσμού στο Elias Beach Hotel

Elias Beach, Kanika Hotels - May 18, 2015


Special Offer Elias beach for Local Market

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LIMASSOL: Among TripAdvisor’s Destinations on the Rise

Travel site TripAdvisor revealed its Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise awards. The awards highlight spots around the world that have received the greatest increase in positive feedback and interest from TripAdvisor members, year over year.

“The TripAdvisor community has helped surface some unheralded destinations across the globe that are receiving rave reviews from travelers worldwide,” said Barbara Messing, Chief Marketing officer for TripAdvisor. “These award-winners offer highly rated options for accommodations, restaurants and activities to inspire those planning their vacations for the new year.”

According to an article by CNN journalist Katia Hetter published in CNN TRAVEL “These may soon be 10 of the most popular destinations in the world. Our advice: Visit them before everyone else does.”

Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise around the world
1. Da Nang, Vietnam
2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
3. Limassol, Cyprus
4. Ao Nang, Thailand
5. Bodrum City, Turkey
6. Naha, Japan
7. Hurghada, Egypt
8. Kazan, Russia
9. Manaus, Brazil
10. Eilat, Israel

Elias Beach Hotel – Limassol – Member of Kanika Hotels & Resorts

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A Winning Formula

Kanika Hotels & Resorts continue to reap international awards, reflecting our winning formula for excellence. By May, 2014 accolades had begun to flood
in, representing a heartening mix of comments and votes by satisfied guests, coveted industry awards and independent third-party assessments of our sustainability and environmental awareness policies, working conditions and community involvement.

Meanwhile, Kanika Hotels continue to reap international awards, reflecting our winning formula for excellence. By May of this year, 2014 accolades have begun to flood in, representing a heartening mix of comments and votes by satisfied guests, coveted industry awards and independent thirdparty assessments of our sustainability and environmental awareness policies, working conditions and community involvement.

Our flagship Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Paphos earned the prestigious TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2014 Award, ranking first among the overall top 25 best hotels in Cyprus. Olympic Lagoon Resort in Agia Napa was Traveler’s Choice as the No.1 Family Hotel in Cyprus, as well as voted Holiday Check Award’s Top Hotel. Elias Beach Hotel was also a Traveler’s Choice 2014 Winner, ranking fourth among the Top Family Hotels in Cyprus, and 24th among the Top Hotels in Cyprus.


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True Taverna Tradition

afeliaDespite being a small island, Cyprus is a crossroads of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern gastronomy and therefore boasts a vast cuisine rich in different ingredients. There are countless traditional dishes worth sampling, and at Kanika hotels, each taverna is a culinary journey to true Cypriot cooking. Their carefully crafted ‘meze’, a collection of twenty ‘small plates’, is deliberately generous to introduce you to many dishes within one sitting amongst beautiful surroundings.

At Olympic Lagoon Resort, the Captain’s Deck is a cosy outdoor terrace restaurant flaunting panoramic views of the lake and lush tropical gardens of Fisherman’s Village. Blue Paradise with its all-white décor adds a Grecian feel to Elias Beach as you dine al fresco beside crystal Mediterranean waters and at Alexander the Great’s Limanaki Tavern, the spacious, open setting means every table has a sea view, and is embellished with beautiful stone columns and towering palm trees. ‘When visiting a country, it’s natural to want to explore the cuisine; and given our passion for Cypriot food, we felt it a responsibility to display our own take on meze within our resorts’, explains Antonis Nicolaou, Executive Chef at Olympic Lagoon Resort.

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The Kanika All Stars Animation Team

Alexander Animation TeamKanika places a great deal of importance on the contribution their animators make towards each guest’s holiday experience. The entertainment team are encouraged by Kanika to put forward new ideas and concepts based on guest feedback in order to keep the programme – which changes every half hour and is tailored to each property individually – fresh and updated. Not an easy task, considering the staggering mix of indoor and outdoor activities including sports (darts, table tennis, zumba, beach volleyball, shuffleboard, football, archery), water activities (aqua aerobics, pool mini disco, water polo), demonstrations (cocktails, cookery, scuba diving), games and quizzes, live shows and dancing, movie nights and competitions. Although the adult and children’s entertainment programmes differ, the emphasis is on families, so many of the activities actually cater to all members of the family.

At the end of September each year, the team gets together to brainstorm ideas for the following year. It is a system that works, evident in the genuine smiles of a team who, due to the extensive animation programme set up, work long hours as a rule.

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55 visits … & counting

Elias Beach, Kanika Hotels - August 22, 2013

Ken & Pat Burrows

When Kenneth and Patricia Burrows from the UK checked in at the Elias Beach hotel in May, it was the UK couple’s 55th visit to the hotel since 1988! To celebrate, the Management Team invited “Ken and Pat” to join them for dinner at Blue Paradise Beach Taverna. The evening combined champagne by the Sunset Pier, red roses for Pat, an award certificate and a special plaque for the couple – plus all their favourite dishes served with their preferred wine, St. Panteleimon! E.P.

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Free Wifi for all

Working OutsideRegardless of their age, most leisure and business visitors to Cyprus are now part of the high-tech community carrying smartphones, iPads and tablets, or laptops for serious business. These users expect and need internet connectivity 24 hours a day. Not long ago, Kanika Hotels only offered free Wifi to its loyalty card holders. But now we realise it’s something everyone needs. So it’s available to all our hotel guests, in all our properties, indoors and outdoors.

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Kanika Hotels

Kanika Hotel Find affordable hotels in Cyprus? With Kanika Hotels & Resorts you can choose to enjoy any of our four hotels in Limassol, Pafos or Agia Napa.