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Cyprus in Spring: Top 5 Places You’ve Got to See

Cyprus - May 2, 2018

Bright sunny skies and glistening seas may immediately spring to mind the moment you think about Cyprus, but venture away from the coast and a natural wonderland awaits. Through bucolic villages, into natural parks, and up to the island’s highest heights, we take you on a colourful journey through some of the most magnificent places to visit when holidaying in Cyprus during the spring!


  1. Akamas Peninsula

If you’re enjoying your time off at the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel or the Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos , nearby Akamas simply has to be on your bucket list.

Akamas peninsula

A gorgeous national park stretching 230 square kilometres on the far western tip of the island, a rocky coastline befriends azure seas, while further inland, deep valleys, caves and fascinating nature trails beckon the intrepid explorer. In the Cyprus spring, the area is brimming with flowers; the entire vicinity is home to approximately 530 indigenous plants, 35 of which are rare and endemic.


  1. Lania village

Just a short drive from Limassol town and the Elias Beach Hotel , and up through the sun-kissed slopes that weave up to the Troodos mountains, the gorgeous village of Lania beckons

Lania village 2

One of the most visited villages in the winegrowing district for good reason, Lania is famed for its stunning flowers and idyllic courtyards which truly come into their own in the spring. Take a walk around the village and you’ll also spot beautiful black and white photos placed around the area, documenting village life and taking you back to bygone days.


  1. Troodos peaks

The peaks of the Troodos Mountains rise up almost 2000 metres above sea level, with visitors heading to the area to breathe in the cool mountain air and take in the beauty of the island from above.

Troodos peaks

Formed 92 million years ago, The Troodos National Forest Park – an expanse of forest covering about 90km around Mount Olympus – is home to approximately 750 plant species, with 72 of these endemic to the island. And if you want to get better acquainted with Cyprus nature and the many endemic plants and herbs of the area, be sure to head to the pretty Troodos Botanical Gardens.


  1. CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth

Not far from the Olympic Lagoon Resort Agia Napa , the  CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth in the quiet village of Avgorou is a gorgeous place to visit during the spring, especially if you have kids, who can unleash some energy in a large hedge maze.

Cy herbia

Adults, on the other hand, can meander through 10 themed organic herb gardens filled with all sorts of Mediterranean herbs, and a lavender mediation labyrinth. You can also pop into the herb shop to stock up on some lovely goodies to take back home with you.


  1. Cape Greco National Park

Another East coast gem, Cape Greco is a glorious national park between Ayia Napa and Protaras, famed for is dramatic sea caves and various nature trails that dissect the area.

cape greco in spring

Traverse the rocky headland and you’ll be able to spot juniper and pine, with countless shrubs also blanketing the area. But in the spring, the whole vicinity becomes more colourful than ever, with various flowers in full bloom including vibrant orchids. Be sure to have your cameras at the ready!


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Locals reveal their favourite things to do in Cyprus

We asked locals in Cyprus to reveal what they like doing in their own country when they have available time. We hope to imbue you with our findings. There are plenty of things to do on this beautiful Mediterranean Island to enjoy yourself, to refresh and get inspired.

Asking different people about their favourite thing to do in their own country made us realize that we have so many glorious places.  Some people enjoy a local coffee shop and drink their favourite iced coffee (frappe) in Limassol Marina and some are enamored with the idea of drinking tea in the cosy villages up in the mountains.  

We believe that we are one of the few countries in Europe that have the Mediterranean Sea on the right hand side and the mountains on the left hand side. You literally can go on Monday and swim at the Bath of Aphrodite and 24 hours later be in a local village up in the mountains. Let’s dive in and see what you can do the next time you are in Cyprus.

Troodos and Kykkos. Some people love to drive in the mountains and go to Kykkos Monastery. Kykkos is one of the wealthiest and best-known monasteries in Cyprus. You can enjoy the Holy Monastery and its rich history. There are no remains of the original monastery as it was burned down many times. You can enjoy the fresh air in the mountains and have a cup of Cyprus traditional coffee in the restaurant at the Monastery.


While you are at Kykkos you can drive and stop for a quick cheeky glass of wine at Omodos Village. George from Limassol loves Omodos Village. We suggest you have a cheeky glass of wine because it’s a wine-making village. It is built near the west bank of the Cha-potami river. This beautiful village is surrounded by tall mountaintops. You can find vines and various fruit-trees (apple, plum, pear, peach and apricot trees). When you have your cheeky glass of wine you can drive carefully to the south, towards Alexander The Great in Paphos.


Maria from Nicosia absolutely loves the breath-taking views at Alexander The Great in Paphos. One of her favourite things to do is to have a cocktail at the Alexander Bar and enjoy herself. If you book yourself into the Alexander The Great in Paphos Cyprus, you are in for a treat. Once you finish your cocktail you can go to your room and continue enjoying the view from your room. You can order a delicious club sandwich and relax.


Speaking of Paphos, Chara told us that she loves going for coffee at Oniro By The Sea and enjoying a walk to The Edro III Shipreck. The Edro III was a cargo ship, build in 1966 that had an accident in Paphos on 08th December 2011 in heavy seas. During its voyage to Rhodes, from Limassol full of plasterboard. Today the ship is empty and it offers nice scenery while you enjoy and learn. You can have a drink and have a bite to eat. The view is definitely worth it.


Louiza shared with us that she loves going for a walk in the harbour for a frozen yogurt. There is also St George in Paphos where you can find the last castle for a great place to have lunch.

Once you enjoy your lunch you can drive down to Petra tou Romiou. Also known as Aphrodite Rock, it is a sea stack in Paphos. It’s located off the shore along the main road from Paphos to Limassol. According to one legend, this rock is the site where Aphrodite was born. They say that if you swim around the rock three times you will be blessed with true love. Most probably you are with your true love already so it might be a good idea to swim together!

Let’s travel to Limassol. Johnny’s favourite thing to do is to walk by the beach next to Elias Beach Hotel. If you are staying at the hotel you can enjoy a morning walk there. Maybe you might pick up a new holiday habit. As soon as he finishes his walk he loves going down to Limassol Marina to enjoy a chamomile tea (yes in hot weather as well). Once the walk and the tea are completed a spa at Elias Beach Hotel is the perfect ritual for a perfect Friday.

Anthony is on the other side of the island, he is in charming Ayia Napa. There are so many things you can do in Ayia Napa so we will share with you two things that Anthony suggested. One of his favourite things is to visit Olympic Lagoon’s Restaurant, the Rock N Roll! If you haven’t been to that restaurant and you are in Cyprus, you should definitely go! It’s a diner where you can enjoy a delicious New York cheesecake. The diner has a Rock N Roll vibe as you might have guessed, the interior reminds you of old-fashioned diners in America and the food is just mind-blowing. The second thing you should do is visit Ayia Napa Sculpture Park. The place is full of great surprises, sculptures from artists from all over the globe, some of them are smart, some clever and some crazy as Mike L says on TripAdvisor.


The sculpture park consists of a large collection of pieces by over 50 artists from around the world who have participated in the Annual Sculpture Symposium held by Ayia Napa Municipality. The expansion of each collection is an ongoing project that is continually being added to and in 2015 artists from around the world created their sculptures on-site over a period of three weeks which turned the park into an open-air workshop.

There you have it, suggestions from locals on what they love to do most in Cyprus. There are hundreds of things that you can do while you are in Cyprus. If you are looking to book accommodation in Paphos, Limassol or Ayia Napa we do have hotels and resorts that you can check out. When you arrive at any of our hotels or resorts you can ask any of our team members for their suggestions, they will be more than glad to share their favourite things to do.

If you have visited Cyprus let us know in the comment section below what was your favourite thing that you did?

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7.5 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Cyprus - December 11, 2017

We can say that golf is fun but we believe it’s an understatement. Saying that golf is fun is like saying the Mediterranean Sea is blue. Studies show that golf can be one of the healthiest physical activities that you can possibly do. A lot of people perceive golf as a silly activity that you do in your spare time. The truth is that it goes beyond just a simple activity you do when you have free time. You can actually have a very good workout when playing golf, the right way. Here are 7.5 health benefits of playing golf.


1.0 Brain stimulation: Clive Ballard, director of research at the Alzheimer’s Society says; ‘Whether it is going for a jog or walking the golf course, keeping physically active is a great way to keep your heart and your brain healthy. By keeping active you make sure your brain has a good, strong blood supply, which is essential to help it function better now and in future.’ Golf gives you the opportunity to keep your body active and increase your creativity. Our brain is the most precious ‘software’, that’s why we need to take good care of it. When playing golf, you don’t need to run and get all sweaty, you can increase your brain stimulation by doing smart exercise.


2.0 Exercising outdoors: Author of Resync Your Life, Samir Becic suggests that playing golf on courses as large as 200 acres requires golf players to be outdoors in nature. We all know that nature provides us with many health benefits for our mind and body. There are hundreds of studies that show us that constant exposure to green areas relaxes the body, reduces stress and can aid in alleviating anxiety. Exposure to sunlight (especially on this beautiful island in Cyprus where we have a lot of sun) reduces stress and can aid in alleviating anxiety. This explains the fact the all our customers at Kanika Hotels & Resorts leave happy and stress free. Exposure to sunlight means we get more vitamin D from the sun which promotes bone growth in young people and reduces the risk of depression, heart disease and certain cancers.


3.0 Burn calories. Here’s a hack you can do; skip the golf cart and walk the average course, it can cover a distance of between five and seven kilometers. If you carry your own clubs, you will burn even more calories! Golfers on average can burn up to 1000 calories in a single game without stressing themselves out over who will win. Golf is not as competitive as football and basketball where the only time you can have a chat with your mate is at half time, you can have a great conversation while playing golf.


4.0 Less stress, more fun. The pleasure of walking in the fresh air near the Mediterranean Sea, connecting with your old and new friends causes the natural mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain to makes you happier and relaxed. We encounter daily challenges in our society and golf makes you relax and have fun.


5.0 Better sleep. The exercise and fresh air are a great combination for improved sleep. Walking the course will give you a very good workout. We all know that exercise helps you sleep much faster and longer. Sleep helps your muscles rest and repair and helps you to get ready for new challenges when you get back from your holidays.


6.0 Low injury risk. Golf is a leisurely sport and compared to other activities the overall risk of injury is low because it is not a contact sport. It’s a low risk sport but it still gives you enough physical activity to keep your muscles engaged. It’s very likely that you will benefit a lot from playing golf without stressing out and getting injured.


7.0 Improves vision. You need pretty good vision to zoom in on that round, little white ball. It might be close to you and you still need to have a good look. Golfers learn to hone in on small targets from long distances and even when the ball is on the tee, prior to their swing, golfers are presented with the opportunity to evaluate the keenness of their vision while improving hand-eye coordination.


7.5. No need for a break. Cyprus has established itself as an attractive destination for golf holidays among European golfers who are forced to take a break from the game during the winter months. The Cyprus autumn/winter climate is ideal for golfers; pleasant temperatures, low rainfall and almost daily sunshine, which stretch the golfing season to over 10 months, excluding the height of summer.  Aphrodite Hills Golf Club is just 20 minutes away from Alexander the Great Beach Hotel. There are plenty of golf clubs near our hotels, and you can check them out here.


There you have it, 7.5 reasons why playing golf is a healthy sport that can improve your life. If you have any enquiries about your golf holidays, you can always get in touch with us here.

Let us know below in the comment section what inspires you most about playing golf.

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Cyprus the Wonders of Nature

Cyprus, Kanika Hotels and Resorts - January 26, 2017

Nature has woven a rich tapestry in Cyprus. The Dwarf Cyprus Elephant and Hippopotamus remain only as fossils, but we still have over eight-and- a-half thousand species of animals and plants to delight you, some of which are unique to the island.

mouflonThe Animal on Our Coins
You may, unwittingly, already have come face-to-face with the Cyprus mouflon as the animal represented on our issue of the euro 1, 2, and 5 cent coins. Ancient mouflon are considered by some to be the world’s ‘mother of all sheep’  and the impressive species endemic to Cyprus is the largest of the island’s non- domesticated mammals. A protected species, it can (if you’re lucky) be seen in the wild in the forests of Paphos. However these impressive creatures are shy, move quickly and are incredibly agile. They have remarkable curved horns which, in an adult male can be up to about 60 cm long. From excavated mosaics, it appears that the mouflon was very well known on the island during the Hellenistic-Roman period.

The riches from two special trees

Carob and Olive trees hold the culture and tradition of our island in their roots (or maybe we should say ‘fruits’). Fragrant olive oil is an important part of the Mediterranean diet; whole or sliced olives feature in Cypriot bread, pies, pastries, salads… and even cocktails. Since Mediaeval times, the island has also been famous for its carob trees, exporting pods, thick syrup and carob gum while carob seeds gave their name to the jewellery weight known as a ‘carat’. Carob mills were features of countless villages, though many have now been converted to restaurants or museums.

Wild Cyclamen CyprusThe Shy Pink Lady
A protected species, the endemic Cyprus cyclamen is our national flower. A small delicate perennial, its fragrant pink and white flowers appear in the cooler months, with the plant going dormant in summer – hiding all above-ground evidence of its existence. Typical of cyclamens, the nodding flower faces downwards, making it appear reluctant to face the curious world.



cyprus-flamingoBirds of a feather
Of 374 species found on the island, two birds are endemic – the Cyprus Warbler and the Cyprus Wheatear. The Wheatear’s main claim to fame is that it was featured on the country’s old ten pound note. Cyprus is also known for the many migratory birds passing through each year, attracting ornithologists from across the globe. The wetlands of Limassol and Larnaca are famous for the pink flamingos which visit annually (an estimated 15,000 were counted in mid January) and a rare black flamingo has also been spotted.


National Parks – nature at your feet
A trip to the impressive Visitors’ Centre at the Troodos Geopark will intrigue you with its illustrated history of the ancient geology of Cyprus ‘in a nutshell’, with stories alongside of the island’s famous copper mining. The nearby Leventis Botanical Garden has transformed the site of a former asbestos mine into an amazing botanical garden, where you can see 92 of the island’s 143 endemic plants – 37 of which are only found in this location. The Cavo Greko National Park, on the south-eastern tip of the island (between Agia Napa and Protaras) is home to about 400 plant species, including around 14 endemics. Many of the 36 different orchid species growing on the island are found here, as well as crocuses and irises. 14 indigenous species in the park are considered rare. The fauna include foxes, hares and hedgehogs, several species of snakes and lizards, and numerous butterflies.

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European Capital of Culture – Paphos 2017

Cyprus, Paphos - July 20, 2016

Serving as European Capital of Culture is one of the biggest, most ambitious honours that a
city can attain. Paphos is proud to be awarded this coveted title and has already begun celebrations with outdoor events working up to 2017. Join the celebrations with a programme of films chosen for their gastronomic and romantic themes; it’s a relaxing way to fill your August evenings. The culture continues with The 1st Folklore Festival of Ktima on 28th and 29th August, triumphing traditional Cypriot music, dance and food within the framework of myth and religion, heritage and tradition. Autumn welcomes a Monodrama showcase of plays and performances and a series of events surrounding “The Garden of Taste” and wines. Exhibitions, public art installations, musical and theatrical performances, street shows,
gastronomy symposiums and a historical conference will continue brightening the streets up until and including 2017—all excellent reasons to revisit Paphos.

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Cyprus, Gastronomy, Paphos - July 20, 2016

For a sweet distraction, visit Loukoumia Yeroskipou Arsinoe factory and see how the world renowned Loukoumia are crafted. A few mouthfuls of the chewy traditional treat will satiate any sugar craving. Although rose-flavoured loukoumi was the original flavour, there are now over a dozen to choose from. Arsinoe cooks have followed their great, great grandparent’s footsteps since 1890 to maintain the original high-standard Loukoumia recipe.

Need a creative outlet? Then spend a hands-on couple of hours manipulating clay at Avgoustinos
Pottery in Yeriskipou. Cypriot pottery is famous throughout Europe, so this is an excellent opportunity to watch an expert in action. When inspiration knocks, have a go at wheel throwing or
making a bowl.

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Romantic Paphos

Cyprus, Paphos - July 20, 2016

A good holiday is incomplete without a local wine tour.
For the inner connoisseur, book a half day wine tasting of local Cypriot wines with Paphos Wine Tours

Then end the day watching a stunning sunset at Oniro by the Sea in Peyia — a picture perfect setting where you can sit back and marvel at the wonderment of this world — It’s a truly dreamy experience. An evening surrounded by outstanding natural beauty with unobstructed sea views over the spectacular sea caves will be one to remember.

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With Historical Paphos

Cyprus, Paphos - July 20, 2016

A history dating back more than 8000 years, Paphos is home to many proud treasures. Time-travel to the past and discover the ruins of villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses
and tombs belonging to the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Situated near Paphos harbour, the Paphos Archaeological Park — listed as one of the natural and cultural riches in UNESCO’s world heritage sites — allows access to several prehistoric centres and monuments.

Renowned for being some of the best maintained mosaics globally, the spectacular mosaic floors of four Roman villas are an unmissable highlight of the Park. The complex also includes other significant monuments, such as the Asklipieion, Saranta Kolones (Forty Columns) Fortress, Limeniotissa ruins of early Christian Basilica and the Tombs of the Kings: a large underground necropolis carved into the native rock dating back to the 4th century BC and thought to have been the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high

A jump forward to recent history brings you to the nearby Medieval Castle of Paphos, originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the Paphos harbour in the late 12th century. The stunning stone-walled castle has seen many uses throughout the ages: It has served as a fortress, a prison and even a warehouse for salt during the British occupation of the island. More recently the castle serves as a backdrop to the annual open air Paphos cultural festival which takes place inSeptember. But at any time of year, the castle is a must see during a Cyprus trip.

Open daily, visitors can call +357 26 30 62 17 for general information.

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Cultural Curiosity

Cyprus, Paphos - July 20, 2016

With summer in full swing, escape the heat for a couple of hours and visit a museum, an epicentre of cultural and historical identity. Pop into the Byzantine Museum to witness a fascinating collection of meticulously preserved antiquities including 7th to 18th century icons. See the oldest

icon found yet in Cyprus, dating 1200 A.D. – the Virgin Eleousa, an exquisite example of Byzantine art. Or visit the all-year-round Archaeological Museum which houses an intriguing collection of Cypriot artifacts dating from the Neolithic Age to 1700 AD. A tombstone from Marion with the Cyprosyllabic script, the Hellenistic and Roman statue of Asklepios and the marble bust of Aphrodite are all worth seeing.

Open only on weekdays Tel: +357 26 30 62 15.

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Cyprus, Paphos - July 20, 2016


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Kanika Hotels

Kanika Hotel Find affordable hotels in Cyprus? With Kanika Hotels & Resorts you can choose to enjoy any of our four hotels in Limassol, Pafos or Agia Napa.