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Here at Kanika, our corporate culture is not just customer-centered, it’s people-centered – and that includes not only our homebuyers and hotel guests, but our staff and every member of our community as well. 

 That’s why the Kanika Group as a whole is actively engaged in activities that demonstrate our corporate social responsibility on various levels. Indeed, we are involved in several charitable community projects. At the same time, we realize that caring for people is inseparable from caring for the environment that we all share. To ensure that the coming generations enjoy nature’s blessings and resources as much as we do, we address the pressing environmental issues of our time and the sustainability of our industries. 

On the occasion of the European Year of Volunteering 2011, the Kanika Group of companies founded the Ithaki Association, a non-profit organization with the purpose of educating the public on matters concerning the prevention and treatment of dementia. To compensate – as much as we can – for the current lack of facilities available in Cyprus for patients, Ithaki provides training for nurses and caregivers, and organizes fund-raising events and public seminars. Step by step we are working towards the establishment of a fully-fledged treatment centre that will truly alleviate the suffering in our community and beyond. 

Our interest in environmental conservation is not reduced to words and statements – quite the contrary. The Kanika Group implements strict policies to achieve clear-cut goals that have been set for both the properties we develop and the hotels we operate. 

Kanika Developments applies the latest technologies and designs, and uses carefully selected construction materials that serve our environment-friendly purposes. Our focus is on energy efficiency, both throughout the construction process and each building’s lifetime. We invest in ways and means of reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort and satisfaction. We know that it’s possible – because we see it happening.

In all Kanika hotels, sustainability is crucial and standards of energy efficiency are not negotiable. With accolades such as the Travelife Gold Award presented by independent auditors on behalf of the International Federation of Tour Operators, Kanika demonstrates a high commitment to a long-term, sustainable approach. It’s an approach that secures today’s guest benefits for the guests of tomorrow.



Read the Kanika Sustainability Statement 

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