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• The Serenity Health Club & Spa is a private club operated by the Elias beach Hotel in Limassol and members are restricted in number. All member applications are examined in strict confidence and the hotel management reserves the absolute right to approve or reject an application.

• The membership is valid for a specific period of time. The membership card is strictly personal, non transferable, non exchangeable, non refundable and must be presented at any hotel check point or to any security employee, upon arrival or when requested.

• Upon arrival, members may receive from the pool entrance / control desk, a key for an individual locker for the safekeeping of their clothing. The key must be returned upon departure. In case the key is lost a charge of €20 will apply.

• No children under 18 years old will be admitted as members, unless they are part of the same family membership.

• Approved members are entitled to all free facilities listed in the member’s manual. Other facilities and services are available at a charge.


• Members are welcome to bring along with them friends and guests. Members guests’ may be admitted on a daily basis by paying a daily fee, upon arrival, at the pool entrance / control panel.


• The Serenity Health Club & Spa is a professional spa & wellness centre, where everyone may develop a general sense of well being, personal health or physical fitness. Guests and members may use free of charge the life fitness gym centre, sauna, steam bath and attend aerobics classes as specified in the member’s manual. Other classes are available at a charge. The Serenity Health Club & Spa offers a wide range of anti-stress relaxation and beauty care services, at a charge. Our specialists will be more than happy to consult you on the various treatments available.

• Members visiting the gym centre are kindly requested to place the hand towels provided between you and the fitness equipment and to wipe down after use.

• Information on spa treatments is available from the reception desk of the spa centre and information on organized class exercises is available from the reception desk of the gym centre.

• Members and hotel guests have the accessibility to all exercise machines of the gym centre at their leisure, under the experienced guidance of the fitness instructor.

• For safety reasons, no children under 16 years old may be accepted at the Serenity Health Club & Spa. • Members/Hotel residents are allowed to use they gym centre when wearing t-shirts, shorts, trainers and socks. Training with swimming costume, without t-shirt or trainers, wearing sandals or no socks, is prohibited. • For courtesy to other guest mobile phones and smoking are not permitted in the Serenity Health Club & Spa.


• The indoor pool is open daily from 09:00 to 18:00 hours.
• The pool has a uniform depth up to 120m and a flat surface.
• It is required that all guests shower before using the Pool, Steam bath and Sauna.
• This is not an exercise pool and pool users must respect others.
• When entering pool, please avoid splashing around, thus causing excessive overflow of water.
• Please keep the pool clean and tidy.
• Please respect the tranquillity, comfort and privacy of all pool users.
• No ball games, masks, lilos or inflated rings are allowed.
• Children under 12 years old unattended by parents are not allowed to use the pool.
• All swimmers use the pool at their own risk, as there is no continuous presence of a life-guard in this area.
• The floor can become slippery when wet. Consequently, be careful when walking around and do not run around the pool.
• No diving is allowed.
• For safety reasons, neither standing nor walking on the up-stand border of the pool is allowed, as it is slippery and can be dangerous.
• For healthy, and safety reasons children under 12 years old, are not allowed to make use of the Steam bath or Sauna.`


• All exercises, sports and use of all beach, pool and club facilities shall be undertaken by members or guests at their own risk. The hotel shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action whatsoever to person or property arising out of or connected with the use of any of the above services or negligence on the part of the hotel, its agents or employees.

• The Elias Beach Hotel Limassol is not the operator of the water sports facilities by the hotel’s marina. Therefore, the hotel declines any responsibility for any accident, injury or claim of damages arising from the exercise of water sports by any guest. Guests, adults or minors, wishing to make use any water ports, must sign the relevant agreement with the water sports operator, whereby all terms and conditions in relation to the exercise of water sports are clearly stipulated.

• The management cannot be held responsible for the loss of any articles or objects in the lockers or elsewhere within the hotel grounds and facilities. It is required that all members and guests keep their personal belongings under their personal control at all times.

• The management of the hotel, at its discretion, reserves the absolute right to terminate the membership of any member not complying with the Serenity Health Club & Spa regulations or behaving in such a way which is considered not fit for the standards of the hotel.

• The management of the hotel reserves the absolute right to amend any rule or regulation of the Serenity Health Club & Spa, without prior notice and members undertake to comply with these amendments. • This guest registration information will be treated with confidentiality, as part of our hotel records and stored in our central computer data base for electronic access by the Elias Beach Hotel. With the exception of your name, address, email, telephone number and birth date, you are not obliged to provide any other personal information requested herein.

• We do request that you provide us with voluntary personal data so that we may further enhance our future guest services.

• We also intent to input the personal information you provide here into our marketing database so that we are able to notify you of new services and offers from time to time. You are welcome to see the information held about you at any time and to request us to make any necessary amendments, to keep it up to date.

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